Open-Source Web Portal Development

We develop platforms based on open source software to create multi-purpose intranets and web-portals for customers and clients. Open source tools for document management, teamwork organization and media management are at the core of our platforms. The technology of virtual portals makes it possible for the platform to manage a range of websites and portals for internal and external users from a single system.


WildFly Portal: application server including Exo portal and portal modules container.

WildFly 10 Microservices: file management, video, audio, integrations, user service, etc.

ExoPlatform: portal installed on a WildFly application server. Each portal module has its unique internal infrastructure and PostrgreSQL database.

ElasticSearch: full-text search server indexing files (using Apache framework) and text data.

KeyCloak: an open source solution for a single sign-on and identity management.

Files: a solution for file storage.

PostgreSQL 9.4: open source object-relational database system.

Pre-configured Modules

Organizational structure
Directory of employees
Polls and surveys
Department’s nodes
Ideas repository
Document library
Questions to experts
Media Library
Manager’s blog
Events Calendar
Employee’s Personal Account
Admin Panel
Service Portal

What Open-Source Web Portal Looks Like

Home page of the portal can be customized for any purposes: for example, it can include Newsfeed, Surveys, Communities, Events, Media and other modules.
A profile page allows to mark complete tasks, check for requests updates and book meeting rooms.
A Projects page has a familiar board which consists of a collection of lists and cards for task tracking.
A Messenger to discuss corporate projects with project teams.

Virtual Portals

Virtual Portals

Platform Capabilities

  • Viewing and editing contents (photos, articles, video, news etc.) according to preconfigured access rights.
  • Editing events calendar, photo and video galleries, blogs, employees directory. Service desk.
  • Business process management: setting tasks, assigning employees, creating Gantt diagrams.
  • Integration with videoconferencing solutions.
  • Collaborative documents editing (LibreOffice), multi-version support, access rights configuration.
  • Creating a corporate knowledge base with required documents and contents; full-text and attribute search across all portal data.
  • Virtual portals technology (dividing a portal into logical units: e.g. internal and external parts).
  • Teamwork nodes for file sharing for project teams.

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