Mobile Applications Development

We develop business applications, industrial solutions and server components for mobile applications. Corporate mobile applications provide constant access to corporate resources and help monitoring business processes in real time. Digital Design develops native mobile applications for business and automates business processes of any kind.

What We Offer


System Analysis & Architecture Design

  • Business analysis
  • Functional requirements engineering
  • Interaction design
  • Determining technical requirements

Interface Design & Prototyping

  • UX / UI analysis
  • Concept development
  • Making a UX prototype
  • Creating a layout
  • Interactive Prototype Development


  • Backend Development
  • Project Builds
  • Configuring integration with CMS, CRM, ERP, ECM, ESB (enterprise service bus), AD and any other corporate systems
  • Testing and QA
  • Iterations

Implementation and Maintenance

  • Submitting the app to the App Store, Google Play
  • Initial analytic tool implementation (HockeyApp)
  • Technical support and maintenance

Our Experience

Areopad Board Management System

Areopad Board Management System

Areopad automates the full cycle of board meetings. Its mobile applications help to study materials, vote on agenda and sign documents remotely. It has safe data storage and secure data transfer. Available on iOS, Android, Sailfish.

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Mobile Enterprise Portal for Severstal

Mobile Enterprise Portal for Severstal

The portal provides employees with information about values, strategies and opportunities within the company. It collects feedback from employees, hrlps managers conduct opinion polls, control the microclimate in the team. Available for iOS and Android.

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Logistics Application for Russian Railways

Logistics Application for Russian Railways

The Russian Railways Logistics mobile application is designed to track and calculate the cost of goods delivery and pay for an order. The app helps individuals who send small consignments of cargo for personal purposes, and businesses who are interested in commercial cargo. Available for iOS and Android.

Data Marts for RusHydro Board Members

Data Marts for RusHydro Board Members

Application helps RusHydro board members make corporate decisions with an iPad. They track reports, dashboards and charts, and analyze key indicators.

Mobile Cryptobox

Mobile Cryptobox

The application creates a secured container for corporate apps and data on personal mobile devices. It makes it more secure for employees to interact with information resources with mobile devices. Available for iOS and Android.

BPM Mobile Client

BPM Mobile Client

The mobile client for BPM systems helps keep working on a document from any mobile device online and offline.


Banking, Insurance and Finance

Oil, Natural Gas and Chemicals

Public Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals


Metallurgy and Steel


Mobile Technology Stack

Operating Systems:

iOS, Android, Windows, Sailfish.

Native programming languages:

Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, C#.

Cross-platform development solutions:

Qt, React Native, Xamarin.

Application frameworks:

Spring (open source Java framework)

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

We use the Continuous Integration development practice which requires developers to commit code changes into a shared repository several times a day. It helps to speed up and improve the development process.

  • Reducing the implementation time
  • Identifying problems in the early stages
  • Reducing the cost of fixing errors
  • Using Teamcity and Jenkins build servers
  • Running unit tests for server and mobile components
  • Sending notifications to the team after building a new version

Reusable Components & SDK

Cryptographic data protection

Image recognition

Documents and ID recognition

(Apple, Google, Yandex, OpenStreetMaps)

Bank card recognition

Why Work with Us

  • 10+ years of experience in developing business applications
  • Unique customized design solutions
  • Extension of an existing application’s functionality is available
  • Full-time in-house development team for your project
  • Full-scale applications development
  • Cryptographic protection (RSA cryptosystem)

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