Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a single digital hub for teamwork in Office 365. It collects all team conversations, files, meetings and apps in a single shared workspace, and lets team members work in one business environment. It helps companies face such challenges as having geographically dispersed teams and remote workers, multiple communications channels. Teams by Microsoft enables employees to be more productive by giving them a secure cloud-based instrument that integrates other Office 365 tools, products and services.

Digital Design provides clients with end-to-end deployment and migration services including meeting implementation requirements, Microsoft Teams provisioning, testing, installation and setup.

How Teams Can Help Your Business

MS Teams, part of Office 365, is a technological tool for creating digital workspace that automates business processes and tasks, such as:

  • Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Collaboration and Project Management
  • Tasks assignment, employees communication and monitoring
  • Analytics (based on ERP or PowerBI)
  • Recruiting, staff adaptation and other HR processes
  • Customer Relations and CRM

Basic Teams Features

Action Feed
Online Meetings
Co-editing Files
Team Chats and Channels
Online Calls
Task Management
Built-in and Custom Tabs
Tab-level Integration


Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Additional Teams Features

Third-party services integration

  • Integrate Teams with 140+ services
  • Transfer content from third-party applications directly to Teams channels
  • Synchronize with connected services
  • Add tabs, extensions and actions to messages
  • Customize applications design

Chat Extensions

  • Add actions to messages in a chat
  • Convert a message to a task without opening Planner
  • Add other features using connectors

Task Management and Kanban Boards

  • Apply filters to a board
  • Manage teamwork
  • Track task status
  • Assign responsibilities, customize cards, add and color tags


  • Create custom dashboards
  • Connect analytic data services (Power BI, etc.) to Teams
  • Track metrics and set up visualization
  • Discuss on particular dashboards

Chat bots (Meekan, SYSTEMZSupport, etc.)

  • Organize corporate data and applications
  • Submit and process support tickets
  • Hire and train staff
  • Consult employees, collect data for a knowledge base
  • Telemarketing
  • Conduct surveys and studies
  • Order and book products or services
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Notify employees about corporate news and events

Implementation and Configuration Steps

Implementation and Configuration Steps Implementation and Configuration Steps

What Makes MS Teams a Good Choice

  • Available on all devices
  • Collects a variety of functions in one tool
  • Accumulates files in a shared file storage
  • Supports several versions of documents
  • Integrates with familiar business applications
  • Virtual meetings and calls with a screen sharing function

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