Microsoft SharePoint Development, Support and Migration

An enterprise portal, like any information system, needs constant development and maintenance to function efficiently. Enterprise portals on SharePoint are among the best solutions on the market based on a set of functional capabilities and flexibility in portal configuration.
Digital Design offers its services to design, develop, maintain and provide technical support of enterprise portals based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

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What We Offer

New Enterprise Portal Development

Our experts deliver all-round SharePoint development services to provide customers with feature-rich SharePoint applications. SharePoint solutions incite users to collaborate and help thousands of employees to fulfill their tasks successfully.

Bespoke approach

We develop solutions using basic SharePoint functionality, or providing full customization for your needs.

Complex workflows automation

We automate business processes in SharePoint using Nintex Workflow.

Large-scale solutions

We build a solution architecture for a large number of users (up to 8,000).

Integration with other services

We integrate solutions with various other systems (SAP ERP, SAP HR, 1C, Docsvision, etc.)

Technical Support & Maintenance

When your SharePoint solution goes through functional issues, our support team can find their root causes and restore the performance of the platform. Depending on an issue, we address the most crucial cases within 8-16 business hours to keep business processes uninterrupted and let users continue their activities.

Level 1

Providing basic support, answering general questions about software functionality

Level 2

In-depth product and technical support

Level 3

Handling advanced problems that need investigation on code level

Audit and Migration to the Latest SharePoint Version

The first step towards the portal upgrade is to conduct a full-scope audit. It may include performance monitoring and evaluation, sevices availability evaluation, UX audit and other services depending on the objectives. Based on the results, our experts will determine an optimal strategy for upgrading the portal:

Adding new access channels

Implementing a mobile version or additional apps, integrating with social media, messengers, chat bots or other communication channels and third-party solutions.

Making changes to an existing portal

Including everything from cosmetic improvements to developing new modules.

Updating the current version of the portal

Try SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint Online, and we will help you migrate painlessly for your business.

Complete redevelopment of the portal

Sometimes it might be better to start over, saving only user data.

Selected Projects

Enterprise Portal Development for Bonava

Enterprise Portal Development for Bonava

This cloud portal solution is based on Office365 Online technologies and is available to more than 1,000 users from all departments across 8 countries. The portal is more than just a data storage: it is a digital tool for managing internal business processes.

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Portal Redesign & Migration to Office 365 for Onninen

Portal Redesign & Migration to Office 365 for Onninen

For Onninen, we have prepared data, applications and infrastructure for migration with no user suspension, updated web applications to support SharePoint Online, migrated all user documents and files, redesigned and updated the portal interface.

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Business Processes Automation for Novartis

Business Processes Automation for Novartis

We have created a portal based on Microsoft SharePoint Server to automate administrative processes and power remote work (including a custom Mobile Workplace for iPad). The portal supports documents approval, payment requests processing, processing job applications, and more.

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Risk Management Tagging System for Carlsberg

Risk Management Tagging System for Carlsberg

A SharePoint-based solution collects data on all production anomalies and safety risks, enables users to make reports, check indicators, take measures to eliminate anomalies.

Portal Development for TransContainer

Portal Development for TransContainer

The SharePoint 2013-based portal powers the work of 6000 users. It is integrated with Active Directory, mail system, ECM, and automated system for legal information management.

ECM in the Enterprise Portal for RBI

ECM in the Enterprise Portal for RBI

ECM functionality was implemented using MS SharePoint 2016, Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for working with forms and workflows in MS SharePoint 2016.

Our SharePoint Experience Takeaways

business processes

automated in SharePoint


of implementing SharePoint completed

portal modules

developed in the last 3 years


are completed by Helpdesk for maintenance projects

key customers

currently supported by Digital Design

Why Work With Us

  • We are ready to work with the legacy of other contractors and solve global architectural problems.
  • We work with all versions of the platform (Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, cloud-based SharePoint Online).
  • 25+ years of experience, confirmed by many projects and positive reviews. Our customers have been with us for many years.
  • A powerful team of UX analysts understands the needs of your users and is ready to make your portal more convenient and enjoyable for your employees.

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Andrey Shumilov
Andrey Shumilov
Head of Portal Solutions Department