Bespoke Software Development

We automate comprehensive business-processes using cutting-edge technologies.

Bespoke software development is about developing unique solutions fully tailored to customer needs. For Digital Design bespoke development is a core competency. Through more than 25 years we held more than 2500 software development projects for more than 100 customers from different sectors starting from nonprofits and public sector ending with fintech and manufacturing.

Our Expertise

We mainly work with C# on .NET framework, although sometimes we use Java. It helps us develop flexible custom softwares and applications for our clients.

Unique business-processes automation
Automating your unique business-processes
Refining existing solution
Developing existing off-the-shelf or custom solution, adding more business-processes or adjusting it to new tasks
Integration modules and services
Connecting two or more independent solutions and creating an integrated digital environment
Cryptoprotection of existing solution
Making your solutions more secure by adding cryptoprotection on information channels
Information and reference systems, BI
Setting up data analytics platform in your company from data warehousing to visualization
ML/AI/Big Data Solutions
Developing intelligent automation systems for unique processes

Software Development Process

We followed an established and customized Scrum process that repeatedly delivers scalable and sustainable software.
An agile cross-functional team partnering your product or business owners ensures transparency and maximizes knowledge transfer. Working in sprint cycles, we can easily accommodate changes in a priority.

Bespoke Software Development Bespoke Software Development

Why you should trust us

  • 25+ years of experience in custom software development.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2000.
  • Proven in-house expertise and full-stack team.
  • Dedicated Development Team for your project or Team Extension in partnership with your product owners.

In-house Expertise in ML/AI

We empower our solutions by using AI technologies to help companies leverage data in order to increase efficiency. Embedding machine learning modules in industrial and business processes lead to cost reduction and metrics optimization. Our AI-enabled software solutions analyze data received from multiple sources within a process, identify patterns, build predictions and detect anomalies.

Industrial AI:

  • Predictive analytics (forecast potential outcomes).
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Quality prediction and faults detection (e.g. leakage detection).
  • Recommendation systems for industrial processes (parameters optimization, raw materials optimization in production, etc.).
  • Industrial objects identification and security control (using Computer Vision).

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Conversational AI:

  • Virtual AI-assistant.
  • Document entity recognition and autocomplete.
  • Personal recommendations in knowledge management system.
  • Detection of compliance policies violations.
  • Legal assistant for data structuring and search.
  • Meetings speech-recognition and summarization.

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