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Data Storage Solutions

RAIDIX is a company, a part of the Digital Design group of companies, famous for creating products for storage environments where applications and services demand high speed access and operate with massive data volumes. RAIDIX solutions are suitable for media & entertainment industry, video surveillance, backup infrastructures and more. RAIDIX software is distributed through partners worldwide as an operating part of hardware solutions.

Products by RAIDIX

RAIDIX 4.X provides high speed block (SAN) and file (NAS) access for storage services. RAIDIX storage provides stable performance for high load tasks and protects integrity of your business processes.

  • Ultra-high bandwidth for the most demanding tasks.
  • The lowest impact of hardware failures.
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure.

RAIDIX ERA is a software RAID presented by Linux kernel module and management utility (CLI).

  • Installation by rpm / deb packages.
  • Adjusted for the most popular Linux distribution (Ubuntu, CentOS).
  • Works with local and remote drives.
  • Provides RAID as a standard Linux block device.

RAIDIX Technology Partners