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Avacor GRC

Internal Audit, Control, and Risk Management Automation

Avaсor GRC platform solution helps to automate the entire range of processes related to internal audit, internal control, and risk management, from risk-based audit planning and conducting to reporting and informing the management. The solution is based on international audit practices and designed in conjunction with the Big 4 experts.

According to the EY’s research on internal audit, risk management, internal control and compliance in Russian companies with governmental stakeholders (2019), 13% of companies in Russia are using Avacor GRC for automation.

Why Choose Avacor GRC

Why Choose Avacor GRC


Internal audit management

  • Maintaining the "audit universe"
  • Planning internal audit activities
  • Forming a risk matrix

Internal control

  • Risk assessment
  • Control activities planning and conducting
  • Monitoring the violations
  • Analytics & reports

Risk management

  • Risk ranking and evaluation
  • Control of risk mitigation measures
  • Forming a risk matrix
  • Analytics & reports

Compliance control

  • Risks impact ana lysis
  • Compliance control planning and conducting
  • Controlling and identifying affiliated individuals
  • Conflict of interest and affiliations identification

Monitoring activities

  • Developing an action plan for business units based on audit results
  • Providing access to business units for action plans
  • Analytics & reports

The process approach of Avacor GRC helps to keep full control over the company’s activities by performing audit procedures and to select an entity for audit systematically. Avacor GRC allows to prioritize and focus efforts on crucial areas, consistently test, analyze and evaluate all activities of an enterprise.

Key Capabilities

  • Standard procedures automation
  • Unification of procedures, implementation of uniform standards
  • Using standardized audit templates
  • Constant monitoring, timely risk identification
  • Convenient quality control and more effective procedures
  • Improving implementation standards of business units
  • Resource planning optimization
  • Restricting access to operations management and finance systems
  • Timely reporting and analytics
  • Providing remote access to audit and business teams for collaboration
  • Providing managers with operational and reporting information on the employees’ activities and the results of audit and control actions (status of tasks and assignments, working hours, results, etc.)

Full Compliance with International Standards on Auditing

Full Compliance with International Standards on Auditing Full Compliance with International Standards on Auditing

Avacor GRC is designed in cooperation with Big4 experts to meet all the requirements of ISO 31000 and International Standards on Auditing (ISA)
by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board.

Unique Features of Avacor GRC

Full adaptation of the platform functionality to the specifics of business processes and methodology of a company.

Unlimited number of users and data volumes (depending on server hardware).

Integration with related systems for automatic data acquisition.

Data protection in case of unauthorized access or information leakage according to information security standards.