Our projects are always customized according to requests and needs of our clients, so it makes us choose a flexible pricing policy. We work according to different pricing models and assemble a team of specialists for each specific project.
We build trusting relationships with customers, so we do not require prepayment: our clients always pay for completed tasks and projects. The price of our project always includes one year of warranty support by default.

Pricing Models

Time & Materials

For long-term projects with dynamic requirements and workloads, and undefined project scope. The model enables clients change initial requirements and features on the go. We move step by step with you and let you share new ideas and have a total control over the deliverables and the budget.

Fixed Price

For small software development projects with clear, well-documented requirements, set specifications and defined timelines. Requirements usually don’t change during the course of the project. The model suits better for short-term software development tasks, which require less supervision from a client.

Rates for Time & Materials Projects

Our technical teams are staffed with junior, middle and senior developers, so we can always assemble a team for a client's request of any level of complexity. Below you can find a complete list of roles and skills we provide for client projects.



Rate (EUR/hour)

Backend developer
ASP .NET, ASP .NET Core, Dart, Flutter, Entity Framework, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, KendoUI, RabbitMQ, KeyCloack, Camunda bpm, Dapper, ASP .NET MVC, Quartz scheduler, NopCommerce, C#, REST, Swagger, SOAP, JSON, XML, XAML
Rate (EUR/hour):price
Frontend developer
Vue, React, Angular, TypeScript, Redux, Mobx, Vuex, JSX, scss, less, JavaScript, React Native, REST, Swagger, JSON, HTML 5
Rate (EUR/hour):price
Sitefinity developer
SiteFinity CMS (version 8 to 13), OpenIDConnect, OAuth, Mustache, Amazon Web Services, Azure, MS SQL, MySQL, Quartz scheduler, KendoUI, C#, XML, HTML 5, TypeScript, CSS3
Rate (EUR/hour):price
Sharepoint developer
MS SharePoint (version 2010 to 2019), WebForm, WebPart, SharePoint Online, Azure, MS SQL, C#, XML
Rate (EUR/hour):price
Jenkins, GitLab CI, Nexus, Artifactory, Python, Ansible, Docker, ELK, Nginx, Zabbix, Grafana
Rate (EUR/hour):price
FIgma, UCD/UGCD, brandbook, guidelines
Rate (EUR/hour):price
System analyst
BPMN, UML, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Jira, Confluence, REST, JSON, XML, XAML
Rate (EUR/hour):price
QA Manual
TestCase, Test Plan, Use-case, Bug report, Check-list, regression testing, smoke testing, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Swagger, REST, JSON, XML, XAML, HTML 5
Rate (EUR/hour):price
QA Automation
Selenium, JMeter, Java
Rate (EUR/hour):price

Products Pricing Policy

Every product delivery is an independent project. We provide a flexible approach that is scalable to large and small businesses, and that can address more or less advanced product versions. The following factors impact the cost of our products.

Software Complexity

Complicated software logic takes more time to code and test. If an application is required to cover a lot of business processes and nuances, this complexity will demand more focus and could increase the price.

Number of Users

The more users an app has, the more work needs to be done to create a platform for everyone and the more expensive it will be. Applications with hundreds of concurrent users and dozens of unique roles need more expensive costs to get developed and delivered.

Integration With Other Systems

Integrating with other systems adds a lot of new variables to the final cost. Typically, we have pre-configured integrations for our products. However, older or lesser-known systems may be a challenge and may increase the project cost and duration.

Migration of Existing Data

If you already have data in an existing system that needs to be moved to a new application, it will require migration. The time spent on figuring out the translation rules, writing the scripts, and performing tests will add to the project duration and costs.

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