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Etalon Real Estate Development Group accelerates trade-in requests processing with a new portal module

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Real estate brokers have already made over 2000 online trade-in requests using the new module of Etalon.PRO portal. Now the portal demonstrates available options 4 times faster than before and further communication is much more simplified.

One of the leading Russian real estate developers Etalon group provides a wide range of real-estate units and acquisition programs including trade-in. It became one of the most popular ways to purchase new apartments. So, concerning this option’s high demand, the new module for trade-in requests processing was introduced on the Etalon.PRO portal.

Both portal and module were developed by Digital Design, one of the leading Russian software development companies. The online platform provides real estate agents with a wide range of tools including choosing an apartment and learning Etalon group rules for agents. Today over 2200 real estate companies and agents are registered on the portal.

Now agents can make online trade-in requests, select required options, monitor and change the requests status. Etalon group employees spend less time for routine operations by granting access to updated databases to real-estate agents. This communication system makes the process clear and contributes to prompt information provision to a customer.

As a result, the new module has processed over 2000 trade-in requests, it takes 4 times less time for users to get relevant information about available options, and further communication on the requests has been significantly simplified.

Lenaria Khasiyatullina, Chief commercial officer, Etalon group Moscow: “Trade-in transactions’ automation is a quite unique project. Implementing unusual new modules and developing a portal was even more interesting for us than getting to work with basic functionality. We are looking forward to developing the software by launching new modules for cooperation with real-estate agents”.

The portal is based on the Sitefinity platform which helps to manage content easily, analyze users experience and provides them with better personalized service. Trade-in program requests processing was automated and systematized, its results can be easily monitored. The solution usage became even more demanded considering the need to reduce social contacts during COVID-19 pandemic.