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Campina optimizes the contract approval process by updating the BPM system

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Updating the Docsvision BPM system to the 5.5 version increased the document management system performance for FrieslandCampina. New standard operating procedures of document template management and automatic approval route assignment improved the operating performance of contract approval process.

International food and beverage company FrieslandCampina is using Docsvision platform for electronic document management and contracts processing since 2014. This March Digital Design, one of the leading Russian software integration companies, completed the project of system update and functionality development.

The system was updated up to Docsvision 5.5 version to increase its operating performance. The major changes regard the contract approval route assignment and document template storage method. Over 100 document templates have been added to the system. The system automatically adds a document template and assigns the approval route based on the chosen contract type and information from the card. So, the system was complemented with a new framework for route assignment instead of the vendor’s approval constructor that was used before. The system now uses dynamic route assignment that helps to approve contracts on time and present other documents to a wider range of experts.

A new e-mail notification service was implemented. It allows approve contracts and documents only via e-mail. A notification letter includes all required files and data about a task, so that a user doesn’t have to launch a document management system. Also, a new files storage system was adjusted which considers a user’s role to display a document.

As a result, the project team increased the operating performance of contract approval process, improved system performance and ergonomics, built a new technical base for further development.

Alexey Pavlov, project manager, Digital Design: «The project of updating the document management system has started in fall 2020 and become one of our first remote projects. We completed it remotely starting from pre-sale till the very end. We managed to organize this process successfully thanks to well-structured IT environment of FrieslandCampina and high professional skills of team members».