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Severstal upgrades the Torovo health resort website for better UX and online sales

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In July the Torovo health resort, a part of ‘Severstal’, has started using the Sitefinity-based website as a main tool for communication with customers. The website developed by Digital Design has simplified content management and attracted new customers to the resort.

Torovo health resort, a part of PJCS ‘Severstal’, provides services including a forest resort, a comfortable hotel, health resort treatment for company’s employees and local residents. The stakeholders have decided to upgrade the website and add an online booking function to help guests learn more about the resort and to optimize the process of registration and vouchers sale.

Digital Design has already developed and implemented the Severstal-Info mobile portal and has completed to upgrade the Torovo website in July 2020. Now the website helps learn more about health resort services, history, location, family vacation options and seasonal entertainments, sanatory programs, available rooms, accommodation types and price. The booking system incorporates all aspects of preferential programs, sales and discounts.

The solution is based on Sitefinity platform. Its flexibility makes it easy to manage the content without permanent IT support. The website was developed considering latest trends of UX design. Sitefinity optimizes the website promotion by its tools for meta-tags editing and other SEO methods. The booking system has been adjusted to follow legal standards of operating with personal data.

In the future the website will support more resort services to be ordered and paid online, it will be integrated with transport access system and support Faster payment system.