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Rostelecom improved the efficiency of anti-corruption management system by its automation

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The largest provider of digital services and solutions in Russia, Rostelecom, has implemented an automated system for identifying and resolving conflicts of interest.

Since 2014 Rostelecom has been developing an anti-corruption system that would meet the requirements of Russian laws and would be based on the best international experience. In 2016 the company implemented an anti-corruption portal (URL: https://nocorruption.rt.ru/) for its employees, partners and potential suppliers. The portal collected internal documentation for anti-corruption activities regulation and other materials on corruption control. It also included special communication channels for reporting on corruption cases and appealing to the Assets protection department (responsible for corruption control), and special anti-corruption tests for employees and suppliers.

To increase the anti-corruption system’s efficiency and transparency, Rostelecom has decided to automate applications processing and controlling the activities aimed at resolving detected conflicts of interest. Digital Design won the contract by offering the Compliance Control web application based on AVAKOR platform solution (automation of internal audit, control, and risks assessment).

The system automated the whole compliance control process starting from applications registration to monitoring detected conflicts of interests’ regulation activities. In early 2020 it is planned to launch the system module for employees’ and third parties’ applications processing. The system will simplify the detection of errors and withholding of information about conflicts of interests in declarations. It allows to form recommendations, to set activities for detected conflicts of interests’ regulation and to provide further control and monitoring. As a result, the conflicts of interests’ management process was automated and unified by the system implementation. Thereby, data storage was centralized, its security and confidentiality was ensured, and automatic analytics reports creation was enabled.

Michail Nikulshin, Rostelecom Assets Protection Department Director:

The Assets Protection Department protects company business reputation. Fair business operations increase our investment prospects and protect from potential damage to the reputation. Automation tools support our work and increase the efficiency of compliance risks management process.