Digital Design leadership team is comprised of passionate executives with extensive experience in the IT industry. We attract the best young developers and analysts to our IT university and create an atmosphere in which new ideas are born, complex problems are solved and large-scale projects are completed.

Andrey Fedorov
Founder, Chairman of the Board
Anatoly Sourkis
Dmitry Livshits
Anton Varfolomeev
Tatyana Baklanova
Deputy CEO
Vladimir Stekolshchikov
Head of R&D Department
Mikhail Korotkov
Head of Custom Software and Portal Solutions Development Department
Dariya Pentina
Head of Product Department, Areopad BMS
Anna Sorokina
Director of Quality Management
Natalia Kolkhidashvili
HR Director
Nikolay Podstrelov
Marketing Director

Our company was established more than 25 years ago by a team of associates striving to make the world a better and smarter place. For all these years, the success of the company has been built on hard work, dedication & teamwork of its talented employees.

We teach and get taught to help our customers create an effective business model using modern information technology.

Dmitry Livshits,

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