Software Development for Real Estate Companies

We know common needs real estate companies have and how to satisfy them ?by deep analysis of business processes and implementing the right technology. We have been automating business processes of real estate companies such as inner communications, sales, working with partner agencies and clients.

What We Offer

Enterprise Digital Workplace

A cloud based work platform to let your company move work to the virtual space.

Listing Software

A web application to showcase properties, filter it, view, book and buy.

Partners & Clients Management Software

A single hub to share real estate databases with customers and partners and to track your cooperation.

Document Workflow Management Software

A system to generate, track, edit, approve and store documents associated with real estate business processes.

What We Offer

What You’ll Get

Thanks to our experience working with real estate companies, we know their common needs, so our software can help companies optimize their processes in many different ways.

Automated listings and presentations generation

generate cards of real estate objects and make presentations for them automatically by using pre-configured templates

Integration with your corporate systems

integrate your content and data with your CRM and BIM

Relevant, accessible and accurate data

keep your databases, project documentation and facility plans relevant for all employees in one hub, and don’t get confused with different versions of documents

One platform to collaborate with partners

collaborate with investors and broker companies on your platform, control their access to data

Synchronized information

keep your public information synchronized with real estate databases

Full compliance with security standarts

maintain your information security standards

Selected Projects

Digital Workplace for Bonava

Bonava is a North European residential development company. Bonava develops and sells homes and neighbourhoods to consumers and investors in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This cloud portal solution is based on Office365 Online technologies and is available to more than 1,000 users from all departments across 8 countries. The portal is more than just a data storage: it is a digital workplace for managing internal business processes.

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Enterprise Portal & Information Hub for Etalon Group

Etalon Group operates in the Moscow and St Petersburg residential real estate markets. For over 30 years, it has delivered more than 7 million sqm of real estate during that time. In 2011 it successfully completed an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

We’ve built a unified information hub for Etalon Group and its partners (real estate agencies). The portal allows to generate commercial offers with different price options automatically, it can be used to share promotional materials, manage clients, reserve premises, view and download reports and many more.

Etalon Group

Partner’s Digital Workplace for RBI Group

RBI Group is one of the leading real estate developers in St. Petersburg, Russia. Combining several brands, the company offers a wide range of services related to the construction and sale of real estate, ranging from comfort class to exclusive luxury segment.

A single information hub for real estate partner agencies and RBI Group employees. The system was designed for better communication throughout the sales cycle. It can be used for sharing promotional materials, booking facilities, applying for a consultation with a mortgage manager, assigning customers to partners.

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RBI Group


Yuri Nikitin

“Due to this project, we’ve got a much more convenient tool to work with corporate information.
We have witnessed the high level of professionalism of Digital Design specialists and have already embarked on new projects in the area of cloud solutions development”,

- Yuri Nikitin,
Head of IT Applications at Bonava.

Dmitry Falkin

“Our transactions and accounting with partners have now become as transparent as possible. By the way, we have already presented the new service for our partners. For a month, about 40 partners have already appreciated the convenience of this tool”,

- Dmitry Falkin,
Director of the Investment Promotion Department at RBI.

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