Software Development for Pharmaceutical Companies

For over 10 years we have been automating business processes of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our solutions help management, sales and marketing teams in pharma to work with partners and key opinion leaders, systematize existing business processes, e.g. registering medicines and health products, managing product requests, working with contractors, etc.

What We Offer

Key Opinion Leaders Management

A system to help medical representatives and the company’s back office to cooperate with KOLs more effectively.​

Business Process Management

For automating processes of approval and generation of financial reports, fixing system data model, working with contractors, marketing analytics.

Digital Workplace

Mobile and web solutions for different teams in a medical company which combines all resources and systems they need.

Document Workflow Management

A system to improve the quality of document flow control, link all the elements of document approval process, and provide better control at each level.

Working with Key Opinion Leaders

From our experience with pharmaceutical companies, we have learnt the importance of identifying, planning, mapping, engaging, and interacting with Key Opinion Leaders from the industry. We have established the following benchmark to automate this whole lifecycle.

Registration of KOL​

Requesting documents for a KOL file​

Approving a KOL file within a company​

Setting a grade for a KOL​

Approving events​ involving a KOL

Approving work requests​

Сalculating payments​

Keeping the file relevant​

Fixing the grade​

Sending SMS notifications on events/payments​

Selected Projects

Business Process Management Automation for Novartis

Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies by both market capitalization and sales. More than 125,000 employees work for the good of patients at Novartis, 2,400 of them work in Russia. Novartis headquarters in Russia is located in Moscow.

We have developed, implemented and maintained the following solutions: iContractManagement (document approval); iInvoicing (processing payment requests);​ iPreboarding (processing applications after hiring new employees); iFTP (for working with doctors at scientific and educational activities);​ iTravel (processing business trips requests).​ The solutions architecture is based on Microsoft technologies.

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Business Process Management Automation for Novartis

Business Process Management System Development for Mylan

Mylan N.V. is a global generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company, now part of Pfizer's off-patent medicine division, Viatris.​ Mylan Pharma has dozens of offices all over Russia.

It has become necessary for Mylan to organize a user-friendly workspace for employees from 11 time zones and to ensure properly structured storage of corporate documentation. The project’s main goals were to provide company management with flexible analytical tools to control budgeting process and cash outflow, to fasten approval process and to improve document flow control.​ The project is based on Microsoft SharePoint.

Business Process Management System Development for Mylan​

Business Process Management System Implementation for Johnson & Johnson

Johnson&Johnson is the world’s leading manufacturer of healthcare products, medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods. Johnson&Johnson has more than 265 operating companies in more than 60 countries employing approximately 126,500 people.

We have implemented a BPM system for Johnson&Johnson Russia. It has increased the efficiency of internal corporate processes by automated decision-making for corporate requests processing; reduction of the request process cycle time; optimization of an internal communication process flow; successful localization of corporate governance standards. The implemented system has been designed for 350 users of Johnson&Johnson.

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Business Process Management System Implementation for Johnson&Johnson


Konstantin Smirnyagin

“The automation has made the work of Novartis employees simplified and reduced the time spent on routine tasks significantly. The corporate portal made it simple and easy to work with systems. We plan to keep digitalizing and cover even more management and service processes”.

- Konstantin Smirnyagin,
CIO Russia, Novartis

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