Software Development for Manufacturing Companies

For over 25 years of experience in working with manufacturing companies we have developed deep understanding of their business processes and learnt to optimize them with our software and competencies in bespoke development. We specialize on optimizing internal business processes and internal communication and have expertise in AI and ML-based technologies.

What We Offer

Industrial Equipment Monitoring Automation

A mobile and web application to enhance a machine monitoring specialist’s productivity.

AI-based Solutions

Comprehensive solutions based on machine learning and real-time video and image recognition technologies.

Digital Workplaces

Mobile and web solutions for different groups of users combining resources and applications they need.

Document Workflow Management Software

A system to generate, track, edit, approve and store documents associated with manufacturing business processes.

What You’ll Get

Thanks to our experience working with real estate companies, we know their common needs, so our software can help companies optimize their processes in many different ways.

Monitoring machines

track and control how machine monitoring specialists review production facilities

Full time access

access all needed applications from one place even if working remotely

Machine learning & AI for maintenance

plan and optimize maintenance and repairs of your equipment using machine learning and AIs

Real-time computer vision

control your industrial security with a help of real-time video recognition technologies tracking whether your employees wear helmets and jackets while on production facilities

Document flow management

store all technical data and documents in one archive

Technical documents management

manage how your technical documents are distributed throughout your company

Selected Projects

Mobile Information Portal development for Severstal Group

Severstal PJSC is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies. Severstal owns major industrial facilities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Italy, Poland, and Liberia. The company exports about 40% of its products to many countries around the world and employs more than 50 000 employees.

We developed a mobile application that allows employees to stay up-to-date with corporate activities, news, videos and participate in company’s events. The app is available on all mobile platforms including iOS, Windows, and Android. Currently, more than 5,000 employees of Severstal use the mobile app.

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Severstal Group

Corporate Portal Development for Carlsberg

Carlsberg A/S is a global brewer company with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company’s flagship brand is Carlsberg. It also brews Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Somersby cider. Carlsberg is the fourth biggest brewer companies in the world with production facilities all over the world.

We developed an intranet portal for Carlsberg based on Microsoft SharePoint which united four companies in Carlsberg group including Baltic Beverages Holding, the second largest brewing company in Europe and the leader of the Russian beer market. The solution helped employees improve internal communication. We also developed an Integrated booking, reservation and scheduling system for conference and meeting rooms integrated with corporate portal.

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Rolling Stock Tracking System for a Forest & Paper Industry Leader

The project was completed for an international forest, paper and packaging industry company. Company name is hidden due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Our solution allows to upload data of trains and cars’ locations and conditions received from the information agency directly to the central data warehouse. The analytical module helps a user to calculate days of repair, a number of car loadings and an average travel time. Also, the system helps to check route compliance, predict potential delays, and reduce car losses.

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Forest & Paper Industry Leader


Sergey Kulabukhov

“The factory now intends to achieve higher profitability and productivity. The top management’s efficiency is crucial to get such results. Mobile solutions that help management analyze information and save time to study it become crucial for dynamic companies when data volumes are constantly growing.”,

- Sergey Kulabukhov,
CIO, Kirov Factory JSC.

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