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The Federal Freight Company

Corporate portal

JSC Federal Freight Company (JSC FGC) is one of the largest freight railway operators in Russia. The Company’s main activity is the provision of rolling stock for freight shipments, as well as the provision of integrated transport and forwarding services.

Corporate portal

The challenge

Federal Freight Company JSC was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Russian Railways JSC. The company’s management intended to create a convenient and effective tool to provide information and collaboration models for all employees of the organization. The corporate portal has become such a tool. As the company grew, the requirements for the functionality of the portal changed as well. The structure and content were collected by the corporate communications department of Federal Freight. The company also developed the concept of the original portal design.

The goals of implementing the corporate portal were the following:

  • to create a shared knowledge base of the company;
  • to create a universal tool for internal communications;
  • to provide consolidated information management in the company;
  • to provide quick access to up-to-date work information for company employees;
  • to maintain the interaction of all company departments on a high level.

The solution

The corporate portal based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform is designed to provide centralized, regulated and secure user access to all structured and unstructured corporate data, and to enable users within the company to communicate and collaborate.

About 3,000 employees of the Federal Freight company in the Central office, 14 representative offices in Russia, and 2 in Kazakhstan and Ukraine are using the portal permanently.

The functionality of the corporate portal is continually evolving to match the complexity of the business processes of the company. The solution currently includes the following services:

  • information services: news feeds, media reviews, schedule of exhibitions, conferences and seminars, reviewing publications about the company in the media, etc.;
  • corporate communications: corporate newspaper, internal events calendar, corporate documents sharing, surveys and competitions conduction;
  • information about employees: convenient and comprehensive directory of employees, calendar of employees’ birthdays, honor board;
  • sports events: an overview of sports events, football games schedule, team history, players, photo and video gallery, etc.;
  • corporate section: official information about the company, its awards, social programs, and measures for labor protection.

The corporate portal of the Federal Freight company automates various processes and implements nodes of various departments, including the trade Union, security, IT and marketing, branches, and representative offices.

We paid special attention to make the company’s portal convenient for end-users. Even at the design stage, UX- specialists of Digital Design were involved in the project. It made it possible to create an interface that meets the needs of portal users. Since the functionality of the solution is evolving and becoming more complex, an user research andUX audit of the system is conducted regularly to help build frictionless customer interactions.

The results

The corporate portal has become the most important tool for creating and developing a communication environment that unites the management staff, branches and representative offices of the Federal Freight company.

All users have convenient access to corporate data and up-to-date work information. At the same time, it is simple to coordinate and manage the portal for the responsible employees of the company.

Using the role model to organize data access ensures a high level of information security of the system.

Project statistics:

  • 3,000 users;
  • Central office, 14 branches, and 2 representative offices;
  • 2000 regulatory and administrative documents;
  • Over 1000 users visit the portal daily.

Customer Review

Alexander Ayrapetyan
Deputy CEO of Federal Freight JSC
«Since the Federal Freight company faces ambitious tasks, it was important for us to ensure efficiency in all areas, including internal communications. Therefore, we immediately realized that we need a unified information hub. At the same time, we had quite strict requirements for such a solution: it should be adaptive, easy to manage, and convenient to use. This is exactly the portal we’ve got».

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