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Tetra Pak

Master Data Management System Development

Tetra Pak, a Swedish company, is one of the largest suppliers of processing and packaging solutions for food. Today, Tetra Pak supplies hundreds of different types of pasteboard packaging. Tetra Pak also develops its state-of-the-art processing solutions, and services the whole plants. Tetra Pak has over 20,000 employees and operates in more than 165 markets. Local Tetra Pak companies are very close to their customer plants and markets.

Master Data Management System
Food packaging

The challenge

The old Tetra Pak information management process was based on different systems used by multiple Tetra Pak branches; thus data consolidation became a difficult task. There was no possibility to adopt unified customer service practices for corporate clients. While international customers required a global approach, some of Tetra Pak branches were still using legacy systems that reinforced the functional approach.

Tetra Pak had to take account of both internal and external reasons for change as follows:

  • globalization of the economy;
  • commoditization of products and services;
  • increased competition;
  • growing information availability.

Tetra Pak also faced the following additional challenges:

  • a need for working with data simultaneously across the whole enterprise;
  • a need for effective access rights management.

Lack of a centralized data management system was a major issue for Tetra Pak, a large company with multiple branches. Tetra Pak’s combination of the global and local property called for a new solution to store and manage data involved in order fulfilment processes for packaging materials, technical sales and service and capital equipment. Such a system could significantly improve customer service and internal processes.

The solution

Once Tetra Pak committed to a new solution, it evaluated a number of potential development partners. Digital Design was selected to develop a pilot version and then the full version of the data management system.

Digital Design proposed to implement an Integrated Master Data Management (MDM) system, thus providing a mechanism to maintain business data, distribute the data among local Tetra Pak companies, and synchronize the data with other platforms and systems. The resulting MDM system is integrated with iScala used as en ERP solution by many of the Tetra Pak branches (see Fig. 1 below).


Use of the Master Data Management system by Tetra Pak branches
Fig.1. Use of the Master Data Management system by Tetra Pak branches


The Master Data Management (MDM) system shares data with Tetra Pak financial, reporting, and statistical systems. The MDM system provides full support for financial operations, with specifics as follows:

  • multiple accounting and legal standards;
  • logistics including sales orders and purchase orders;
  • stock control and statistical analysis;
  • service order management and service management;
  • multi-currency and multi-site project management.

The MDM system features the following functionality:

  • A common database providing access to information via a web-based user interface. Tetra Pak employees have free access to common data and exclusive access to their branch data.
  • A special tool allowing to export data to iScala systems and other Online Transaction Processing systems.
  • Validation, clearance, and loading of source data, including data imported from the legacy systems into Master Data Management system database.
  • Role-based security model allowing to protect data and manage user rights according to user position and duties.
  • Logging of all changes made by users available for viewing to Audit Administrator.
  • Notification subscription allowing users to be informed instantly, once specific dataset has been modified.
  • Scalability guaranteed by similar data organisation for all business objects; every new business entity is registered in the system according to predefined procedures.

The MDM system is now operating on the Global Tetra Pak Intranet and targets both all common data and data pertaining to local companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia. More Tetra Pak companies are scheduled to join the MDM system within the next four years.

Implementation & Setup Dates

Event Date
Project start April 2002
Pilot version installed at Tetra Pak Global and at Tetra Pak Poland April 2003
Release version is accepted for roll-out September 2003
Czech Republic branch and Slovakia branch added June 2004
Croatia branch and Slovenia branch added November 2004
Other branches to be added to the MDM system 2005–2008

The results

Consistent and Accurate Data

The utilization of the centralized data storage and unified access to data has resulted in increased productivity at Tetra Pak. The MDM System’s user-friendly interface allows Tetra Pak employees to save significant amounts of time while searching for, viewing, and editing data. As the data feeds are now extremely accurate, consistent, well-structured, and sensibly categorised, the data can be analyzed much more effectively. As a result, the data now provides a reliable foundation for decision making. The Tetra Pak MDM system makes the business processes transparent and easy to manage.

Local and Global Data Access

Based on its extensive marketing and production infrastructure, Tetra Pak routinely processes information pertaining to nearly all geographical regions. Using the Tetra Pak MDM system, users centrally access both local (country-specific) and global data.

Improved Service and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Tetra Pak customer testimonials clearly state that since the introduction of the Digital Design developed solution, the process of doing business with Tetra Pak became much more streamlined and efficient. The system has enabled Tetra Pak customers to be at the center of the business process, and therefore, customer satisfaction has dramatically increased.