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Mobile Information Portal development (Severstal-info)

Severstal PJSC is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies. Severstal owns major industrial facilities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Italy, and Liberia. The company exports about 40% of its products to many countries around the world and employs more than 50 000 employees.

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Steel industry

The challenge

Severstal has a large number of employees working remotely. The remote staff could not quickly get important internal information and were not fully involved in the corporate culture.

To make internal vertical and horizontal communications more efficient, the customer needed a convenient tool to do the following:

  • to include employees without permanent access to a computer in a single information and service space of the company providing them with mobile access to the personal account in SAP, corporate media, surveys, and document storage;
  • to increase awareness and the involvement of Severstal employees;
  • to increase the interactivity of internal communications by participating in surveys, commenting on articles in the media using mobile devices.

The solution

Developing the mobile app (Severstal-info), available for smartphones and tablets running iOS, Windows, and Android, has solved these problems.

This solution provided employees with access to news, a corporate newspaper, the Severstal-TV program, a personal account, an opportunity to participate in surveys, and conduct work meetings.

The results

60% of Severstal employees being unable to use the corporate network have got remote access to the SAP platform and all internal communication channels in one mobile app: the portal’s news feed including e-newspaper and corporate TV, the ability to participate in surveys and view documents for monthly work meetings at the factory.

The application implemented by Digital Design created a common information environment for effective internal vertical and horizontal communications in Severstal.

Push notifications allowed to deliver urgent information and to announce content updates.

With the second version of ‘Severstal-info’ mobile app launched in 2018, users got more interactivity.

  • Users have got access to the SAP platform, where an employee can work with his data, edit it, use the address book, ask questions to the management, plan and approve vacation breaks and business trips, and keep a timesheet.
  • The Surveys section allowed one to quickly find out the opinion of employees on current issues on the corporate agenda.
  • The Documents section allowed one to view presentations and documents for monthly work meetings. This functionality was in demand both by meetings participants and by employees who were unable to attend.

For operation efficiency and saving traffic, employees can add articles and news to the “favorites” item and work with content in offline mode.

The functionality of the second version of the mobile app gave employees full access to the company’s information space and additional opportunities to work on tasks, and receive operational feedback. Currently, more than 5,000 employees of Severstal use the mobile app.

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