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Forest & Paper Industry Leader

Rolling Stock Tracking System

The project was completed for an international forest, paper and packaging industry company. Company name is hidden due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Custom Software Development
Paper & forest industry

The challenge

Digital Design had been chosen to be a developer of a custom Rolling Stock Tracking System because of extensive experience in developing transport systems, including the successful implementation of a similar project for the Carlsberg Group.

The Solution

Digital Design had developed a system that allowed uploading data of trains and cars’ locations and conditions received from the information agency directly in the central data warehouse. Rolling Stock Tracking System capabilities:

  • determining the exact location of the car, tracking the movement history, and identifying when the car had arrived,
  • finding information about every car and repairs performed,
  • tracking cargo information about goods transported in the car: their weight, shippers, etc.,
  • working with a rolling stock or with separate cars as well as requesting information about all cars of a train.

The system also provides analysis capabilities. Hence, a user can easily find out the number of car loadings, the number of days of repair, the turnover of the car, and the average travel time with just a click of a mouse.

Also, the system offers management capabilities to predict potential delays, check route compliance, and reduce car losses. In case of critical situations, the system issues following warnings:

  • Car delays above normal. It helps the company’s specialists to reduce delays.
  • Car sent to the wrong station. It helps to make sure that the route is consistent, to reduce the misuse of wagons consequently.
  • Loading the cargo unrelated to the company’s profile. It ensures that the company’s rolling stock is used properly and helps identifying situations when a car is used by a transport service provider to serve other companies.

The rolling stock tracking system had not only tracked the movement of cars but also provided the customer with an ability to take timely repair measures for the rolling stock. The system allowed saving the history of repairs, setting repair standards, and scheduling preventive maintenance and repairs. The system informed the user when repairs needed to be performed, and reminders had been calculated based on mileage or limitation period.

The Result

The system helped to eliminate the risks associated with data loss and was considered a core component of business intelligence.

Ordered and accurate data led to increased transparency of control processes. Using a centralized data warehouse and unified access to data had improved car tracking and transparency of control processes, as well as increased the productivity. Having full control over daily operations with rolling stocks maximized the turnover of cars and guaranteed their intended use. The system also helped to manage the performance level of transport service providers.

Making information search simplified had increased the productivity of the staff. The intuitive interface of the Rolling Stock Tracking System allowed employees to save a huge amount of time previously spent on searching, browsing, and analyzing data. Being warned about critical situations helped the company to reduce delays and to ensure that the car’s movement was consistent with the route.

Improved rolling stock management reduced costs and allowed to get more profit. Keeping a history of car movements allowed to reduce costs and allowed the company to achieve a higher level of productivity due to a higher level of awareness.

Timely deliveries increased the quality of customer service thus making the company more competitive in the business environment.

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