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RBI Holding

Partner’s Workplace Portal Development

RBI Holding is a group of companies working on St. Petersburg development market in the segments of residential and commercial real estate since 1993. The company has constructed over 115 buildings with a total area of 1,1 mln sq.m. Over 910 thousand sq.m. of real estate is currently at the construction and design stage. RBI Holding is recognized as one of the leaders in the area of premium and business class residential real estate.

Custom development
Real estate
2015 - present

The challenge

Having a network of partner agencies to provide high sales rates is essential for successful growth of a construction company. Over the 24-year history of the company, RBI Construction Holding has built a network of reliable agencies and agents to work with, and it keeps growing every year. In order to provide both sides with easy-to-use interactive tools and to enhance partner loyalty to the company, the RBI Holding management had decided to create a single information hub, the Partner’s Workplace Portal (RAMPA). The portal was designed to provide agents, heads of agencies and employees with efficient communication tools. It allows monitoring the partners’ activities of and keeping the agents and properties database up to date.

The Solution

Digital Design proposed a solution based on Telerik SiteFinity 9.0 content management system. Using this platform makes the portal flexible, scalable and easily extensible via ASP.Net MVC by Microsoft. The portal provides a real estate database with full information about the facilities and online reservation system. Over two years, the portal’s capabilities have been expanded. Instead of being a knowledge base, it became a fully-fledged, convenient-to-use management tool for the heads of partner agencies and RBI employees.

The Result

1st stage. Information system.

The team of Digital Design specialists began developing the portal at the end of 2015. By March, the portal was put into commercial operation. One of the most important tasks to be solved at the first stage was integrating the portal with a warehouse management system 1C, a CRM system and RBI Business School.

Additional functionality:

  • Providing information on construction projects (floor plans, layouts, prices) from 1C;
  • Creating premises presentations for clients.
  • Property reservation.
  • Scheduling appointments for premises inspection.
  • Assigning customers to partners.
  • Portal integration with WMS, CRM system, and Kelnik system for creating floor plans.
  • Accessing background information on construction projects and rules of working with a developer.

2nd stage. Improvements.

Based on six months of the portal’s work, we launched the second stage of the project’s development, aimed at implementing new functional modules and improving the main tool, the property finder.

During the second stage, we added advanced search criteria for choosing an apartment and improved the methodology for creating client presentations, the price range settings became more flexible.

3rd stage. Management.

During the third stage of the project, the new platform, ‘Head of Agency Workplace’, was developed. Every head of partner agency gained access to the rights to process applications, to control the employees’ actions, to exclude resigned employees. It became possible for heads of agencies to generate reports about employees’ actions in the system. Also, RBI Holding employees could get reports on the agencies’ actions. To make it more convenient, we implemented a module allowing the manager to receive notifications about the actions of his agency’s employees and the reservation deadlines by email or via Telegram messenger.

As of August 2017, 5,000 users were registered on the portal, with an average of 400 unique visitors per day.

Used Technologies and Solutions