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RBI Holding

Developing a tender management platform

RBI Holding is a group of companies working on St. Petersburg development market in the segments of residential and commercial real estate since 1993. The company has constructed over 115 buildings with a total area of 1,1 mln sq.m. Over 910 thousand sq.m. of real estate is currently at the construction and design stage. RBI Holding is recognized as one of the leaders in the area of premium and business class residential real estate.

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The challenge

After launching the partners’ portal successfully, the RBI Holding management had decided to create a single information hub to work with contractors and automate tendering.

The holding had been increasing the volume of construction and the speed of implementing construction projects. Therefore, it needed to optimize its interaction with suppliers and tenders procedures. Implementing the portal was aimed at increasing productivity and quality of work performance. The new approach was chosen to create a high threshold for tender participants, thereby providing the construction company with reliable partners.

The Solution

The portal developed by Digital Design specialists is designed for accreditation and prequalification procedures, for maintaining a database of potential and existing contractors and evaluating the cooperation results. The solution is based on the Telerik Sitefinity 9.0 platform.

As part of the electronic document management system the portal was based on MS SharePoint 16, Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow.

In July 2017, a pilot testing of holding a tender procedure was launched.

The Result


When using the portal, contractors’ main tools are user profiles and contestants’ personal accounts. To register in the portal, contractors upload all requested information such as a list of completed projects, accounting statements, and other documents. The Holding communicates with contractors via their profiles by sending invitations, notifications, accreditation, and other information.

RBI employees’ main tool is the Tender module which manages the competitive procedures. It displays all the information about upcoming and completed tenders. The module allows creating and editing a contest card, inviting participants, and stocktaking.

The Reports module allows employees to generate reports for internal audit, as well as a consolidated report on lots and tenders, and accreditation statistics.

Users can also set up automatic email notifications to be informed about tender status, received invitations and other modifications of the portal.

Also, remarkably, the system evaluates tender participants automatically by comparing their financial and operational indicators. Using a mathematical algorithm, the system analyzes the information provided by the contestants, evaluates financial stability and workload, and places the contestants in the ranking. Based on this ranking, the tender committee makes the final decision on the winner.


The electronic document management system and personal accounts were put into trial operation in early 2018.

The contractor’s personal account is designed to make sharing commercial offers and additional agreements more convenient. Using this tool, partners can register additional agreements and commercial offers, track the application status and download attachments and reports.

Customer Review

“We have a much higher level of confidence to the contractors registered and accredited on the portal than to the ones of third-party tender platforms. Thus, we have not only accelerated the tender procedures, but also found new reliable partners”.

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