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Onninen Group

Application Maintenance Services

Onninen Group is a large Finnish provider of comprehensive materials services. Also being one of the biggest suppliers of engineering equipment in ten countries around the globe, the company has local offices with strong independent management and IT policies.

Portal Solutions
Material Services

The challenge

The company was dissatisfied with websites in different countries of operation being supported and developed by different organizations using various platforms. The high level of independence in the local offices led to a large number of different unrelated solutions being implemented to complete similar tasks. Diverse and inconsistent IT landscape provided no data integration capabilities except for manual data exchange through the mail and shared folders. There was no common workspace with a unified interface or access to the company services for employees in different countries either.

The solution required for improvement was meant to unify business operations in different branches, as well as to transit and roll-out existing intranet portal to new offices in 7 countries in Nordic and Eastern Europe with new features development.

The solution

Digital Design won the multi-stage tender organized for Onninen by Prisma Consulting. The customer appreciated in-depth expertise in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server demonstrated by

Digital Design’s team. Digital Design’s experience with customers from Northern Europe and the geographical proximity of the Development Center played a significant role in the selection process.

Digital Design was chosen to provide Application Maintenance Services for Internet and Intranet portals of Onninen head offices with parallel roll-out and further development of the Intranet portal in branch offices.

To make the management process more accessible and straightforward and unify business operations in different branches, the local system was integrated based on a solution using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 standard functionality. Digital Design was also set to support the new websites and perform any necessary custom development in the future.

The results

Onninen has decided to develop all its websites on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 technology, which was a step towards a unified, maintainable, and scalable platform. The standardized user interface, the same management and business processes were now all in the responsibility of one contractor. Shared access to information for all employees with specific local limitations also assured a better business workflow.

Customer Review

Kai Puustinen
Senior Vice President, Group Communications at Onninen
«We appreciated deep knowledge of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server demonstrated by Digital Design’s experts and vast experience with customers from Northern Europe. Additionally, the fact that Digital Design holds Microsoft Gold Certified partner status for over 10 years played significant role in partner selection process.
As a result of our work with Digital Design we got:

  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies.
  • Quick responses for all maintenance issues of corporate portal.
  • Providing of unified approach to Intranet portal for all companies of the Group.
  • Ability to concentrate on key business-processes of the Group and to increase their efficiency using flexible platform.

We highly recommend Digital Design for similar projects.»

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