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Kirov Factory

Manager’s Digital Workplace for iPad

Kirov Factory is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Saint Petersburg. It produces tractors and agricultural machines, spare parts, metal products, and power machines. The company has more than 8,000 employees. Kirov Factory JSC is the management company for over 20 subsidiaries.

Manager’s Digital Workplace

The challenge

After implementing the EDM system on the DocsVision platform in 2008, the management of the Kirov factory needed a solution to provide the following capabilities:

  • convenient work with the DocsVision EDM system on mobile devices;
  • shorter familiarization time and a more efficient analysis of the management information processed in the system.

The iPad was chosen as the primary device for the management’s mobile work. Digital Design developed the mobile application, Manager’s Digital Workplace, to meet managers’ requirements: dynamism, more powerful, and faster information processing. The solution is based on four principles:

  • Mobility. The ability to work with information not only in the office but also on the road;
  • Ergonomics. Saving space and time by excluding unnecessary interface elements from the screen;
  • Availability. All of the necessary information for decision making is collected in a single source;
  • Continuity of work processes. Synchronizing all data when switching from one workplace to another.

The solution

Digital Design specialists have developed two functional modules.

1) The “Work with EDM” module allows one to work with documents on an iPad, including:

  • viewing documents available on the server (orders of the CEO, documents for approval, consideration, signing, and task tracking);
  • approving, signing, rejecting documents or submitting them for revision;
  • viewing attachments in pdf, doc, xls, ppt, txt, tiff, jpeg formats;
  • drafting resolutions to documents;
  • issuing orders, including voice orders, with an ability to select a responsible person and set deadlines;
  • viewing reports on orders execution.

2) The “Synchronize with EDM” module provides:

  • downloading documents and sets of folders from the EDM server;
  • uploading documents and their attributes (resolutions, orders) to the EDM server.

The results

After implementing the application, top managers of the Kirov factory have got a tool for mobile work with documents. The solution provided continuity of work processes when switching from one workplace to another. For example, if starting to write a letter or edit a document on a laptop or desktop, the Manager might continue working on an iPad, and vice versa.

The speed of approving documents and issuing orders has significantly increased. Due to mobile access to information, management decisions are quickly backed up with the necessary data.

The iPads are perfectly integrated into the enterprise’s IT landscape. The digital workplace contributed to greater involvement of top management in working with EDM.

Customer Review

Sergey Kulabukhov
CIO, Kirov Factory JSC
“The factory now intends to achieve higher profitability and productivity. The top management’s efficiency is crucial to get such results. Mobile solutions that help analyzing management information and saving time to study it are becoming crucial for dynamic companies when data volumes are constantly growing.”

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