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Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency

Public Portal Modernization

Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (Rosstandart) is the Russian government agency that serves as a national standardization body of the Russian Federation. The role of the agency is to reduce barriers to trade and get the Russian economy more closely aligned with the global marketplace.

Portal solutions
Public sector

The challenge

The official website of the Agency is designed to provide information about the national standards of the Russian Federation, and to inform individuals and legal entities of the Agency’s activities.

The website redesign project was launched to streamline user access to the information for all user categories.

Redesign objectives:

  • to make the Agency work more efficiently by providing information support for internal corporate processes.
  • to ensure that the corporate portal complies with information transparency requirements.
  • to improve the quality and accessibility of information held by the Agency.
  • to make interactions with citizens more efficient, to optimize time spent on application processing.

The Solution

For the project, the whole process of posting materials on the official website of the Agency was restructured to improve user experience (UX). Digital Design project team developed a mobile version of the website, made social media integration, and ensured the site accessibility for those with disabilities.

The website had become more interactive by implementing new tools to engage users in discussions of the Agency operations.

New functional modules:

  • dedicated messaging app for direct communications with authority representatives;
  • appointment booking service;
  • customer feedback collection service;
  • online survey tool;
  • news subscription.

Also, the website had been integrated with the electronic document management system.

The website supported full-text search through the Elasticsearch, an algorithm for searching through the documents and other site data quickly.

The Result

According to the SimilarWeb analytic platform, the average monthly traffic had grown from 20,000 to 220,000 visitors after switching to the new version. Such metrics as average traffic and average session duration still keep growing.

Old website: http://old.gost.ru/wps/portal/

New website: https://www.gost.ru/