ECM Performance Improvement

Castorama is a French retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies, and is part of the British group Kingfisher plc. The first Castorama store in Russia was opened in 2006, and now Castorama operates 18 stores in Russia, has 3,000 employees and attracts 3 million customers per month.

Enterprise Content Management System
2012 - present

The challenge

Castorama’s Enterprise Content Management System was initially developed on top of DocsVision ECM platform and launched in 2008. Since that time, the system has been severely modified twice according to the new business process model. Furthermore, additional product features have appeared aimed at sending, receiving and archiving documents, task monitoring, risk management and protecting against unauthorized access. As a result, the system has accumulated a number of unnecessary processes that slowed down its operation. Thereby, it required a solution to increase l performance and to improve Castorama’s Store Support Center employee efficiency.

The solution

As part of technical support, Digital Design specialists conducted an audit of the ECMS and developed an action plan to improve the system’s performance. Some changes were related to the settings of the Microsoft SQL Server database maintenance. In this project, more than 100,000 completed system processes were deleted, the database was optimized by tuning table indexes and removing outdated logs.

At the end of the project, about 100 employees were using the system permanently. More than 10,000 documents are processed monthly in the ECMS.

The results

The work on the project resulted in speeding up the database queries and improving employees’ user experience. Users noticed a faster response to their actions in the system.

Customer Review

Dmitry Simonov
IT Services Manager
“Our Docsvision-based ECM system plays a fundamental role in our internal processes and engagement with partners. Digital Design specialists provide a stable functioning of our ECM system by running software diagnostics and eliminating errors regularly.”

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