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SharePoint Corporate Portal Development

Bonava is a residential development company in Northern Europe, born out of the Swedish construction company NCC AB. Bonava develops and sells homes and neighborhoods to consumers and investors in selected markets in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Bonava has 2,000 employees and sales of €14 bln in 2018. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.

Enterprise portal on Microsoft SharePoint
Real Estate
2017 - present

The challenge

In 2016, the Swedish developer Bonava had to move the infrastructure and business systems to a new environment because of parting from NCC. The choice was made in favour of a cloud model based on Microsoft product range, because it appears to be easier and faster to develop, and it can provide secure Anywhere Access to business applications and data without a VPN. The cloud model also fits the concurrent access of several hundred people . Bonava completed the restoration of its IT infrastructure and core business in the cloud quickly and successfully.

At the second stage of the virtualization project Bonava initiated to create a corporate portal which would allow employees to access corporate information, manage content, share and edit documents. The Microsoft SharePoint Online solution was chosen as a platform for creating a single information hub.

After that, Bonava faced a challenge of turning the resulting data warehouse into a convenient tool for all company employees to work with.

The Solution

The portal helps to establish interaction between all departments for all internal business processes, provides access to information about current projects, sales, investments, production, marketing, HR, etc. The main functions for employees include working together safely with content, data and applications, interacting with each other effectively, sharing content, finding the necessary information quickly and even automating business processes.

In May 2017, the Digital Design team began to provide technical support for the portal based on SharePoint Online. At the same time, it keeps improving the portal and making it even more convenient and functional.

The Result

As of 2017, we implemented a pilot project of migrating the database and building the Bonet corporate portal on the SharePoint Online platform for the employees in Finland. The new portal interface was designed considering making the user experience (UX) more engaging and effective.

The team developed the “Bonava Projects” business application aimed at automating the process of working with project documentation. The system provides an opportunity to structure information on current, planned, and completed housing construction projects, and to create an information hub for any construction project in order to work together with files of different types. In the meantime, the Bonava Projects application was integrated with the Octagon project management system. The Bonava Projects application is available to all employees, which is more than 1000 users in 8 countries.

As part of technical support, the functionality of the Russian portal was finalized by implementing a contract approval system. It allowed to automate conducting tender processes and registering outgoing messages.

Customer Review

Yuri Nikitin
Head of IT Applications at Bonava

Due to this project, we’ve got a much more convenient tool to work with corporate information.
We have witnessed the high level of professionalism of Digital Design specialists and have already embarked on new projects in the area of cloud solutions development.
Their development team quickly implemented the portal, saving us from unnecessary routine and providing all the necessary tools for convenient work with project documentation. We are very pleased with the work of Digital Design experts and keep working with them to further develop our corporate systems.

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