Yammer as an Office 365 App

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Back in 2012 Microsoft acquired Yammer for a tidy sum – $1.2 bln. It gave rise to many discussions about what changes the acquisition would bring along. By now we’ve got enough experience using the tool to answer these questions.

Today, some of the Office 365 subscription packages (можно дать ссылку на статью “Office 365 Plan for Your Business ­– Comparing Plans”) include this social networking service. Why did Microsoft choose it over other options and what is Yammer used for? Let’s figure this out.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service designed to ease team collaboration. It allows you to create chat groups to work on projects, share and edit documents. The app is available from desktop, on the web and from mobile devices.

Why use Yammer?

If your organization is planning to move to Office 365, you might opt for one of the packages that offers the Yammer App for SharePoint. Here are some reasons you might want to choose it as your company’s communication tool.

  • It goes with some of the Office 365 Enterprise packages

That means that you don’t have to pay extra money for an external communication app – you already have one included.

  • More than just a communication tool

The Yammer app is truly a social network for your employees, with a news feed, polls, one-to-one chats and discussions over projects. It is open to each member of your team, and you can participate in group or company-wide discussions.

  • Integration with your SharePoint

As Yammer goes with the Office 365 package, there clearly should be integration possibilities. Here are some of things you can do to your Sharepoint with the Yammer app.

First, every time you create a new group on Yammer, a team site is automatically created on your SharePoint, meaning that the info your team members exchange is backed up and can be accessed from both SharePoint and Yammer.

Besides, you can also integrate a Yammer feed with your SharePoint with Yammer Embed. It allows you to comment, follow, tag and enter specific group conversations.This applies to:

  • Group feed that shows conversations in separate Yammer groups;

  • My feed that shows users their personal feed;

  • Open graph object feed that allows initiating discussions on various objects.

Cons of Yammer

There are however some concerns that might turn you off from the Yammer app. First of all, there could have been more integration possibilities. Another reason refers to those companies that are still on SharePoint On-Premises, either completely or partially, – some of the advanced features of the Yammer app are available only for the Office 365 packages subscribers.

How to prepare your employees for Yammer?

If you have weighed your options and came to the conclusion that your company needs the Yammer app, you should prepare properly for the move. There are plenty of alternatives to this social network that your employees might have got used to. But considering the above mentioned advantages, moving to Yammer has its own unquestionable virtues.

However, there will always be those who resist changes, no matter how many benefits they will bring in the future. Therefore, you should mentally prepare yourself that the move will take time and effort. How can you ease the switch?

  • Do a proper research of the app. Otherwise, there might arise a lot of questions later. Take your time to figure out how Yammer works and plan in advance the structure of your organization’s network.

  • Explain the reasons for the move to your employees. If they know what it’s all about, it’s much easier for them to adapt. You might also work out a usage policy and design guidelines.

  • Have some of your managers learn the app. This way other employees will have someone to turn to for expertise in case they have questions.

  • Reward employees for using Yammer. This will certainly speed up the transition!

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