Why Large Enterprises are Migrating to Office 365

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Though cloud-based environments are not fully embraced by large enterprises, there is no denying that in the past few years the use of cloud solutions like Office 365 had a significant rise on the market. Still, most enterprises have their own server facilities. And most businesses of such scale either have already built data centers or they are planning on doing so, because unlike small businesses enterprises can afford it. But is this really the best decision? In order to answer this question let’s draw the comparison between server and cloud-based environments.

Main Benefits of Office 365

Drawbacks of Having a Private Data Center

Having your own data center is liberating in terms of customization of IT infrastructure in the company. But at the same time it is a never ending struggle to try and keep servers up to date technologically, maintaining them and scaling them up. That can significantly increase spendings of any corporation.

Moreover, there is always a risk of malfunction or even permanent loss of data due to possible consequences of natural disasters or corporate sabotage.

Cloud-based solutions on the other hand don’t have such problems. Recently the cloud market has grown and with constant technological improvements cloud services provided by industry giants like Microsoft have caught up with the demands of enterprises. So what are the advantages of migrating to Office 365?

License Management

With a large number of employees in organizations, the list of software specifications required is vastly different from one department to another, and even within a single department you might find people requesting different software. And that results in the corporation signing up for different licenses at a different time of month. Managing all that becomes difficult and demands additional staff efforts and expenses.

But there is a standard minimum that each person requires. One of the benefits of migrating to Office 365 is that it allows organizations to provide all employees with a standard software enterprise package, starting from $8 per month per user. It becomes significantly easier to track and manage licenses of over 50 thousand workers.

Limitless Storage

The bigger the organization, the bigger its storage needs. With millions of emails and countless Excel spreadsheets circulating around the company, storage capabilities become an issue. And again the Office 365 service can get the business covered by providing unlimited data storage. That’s right – unlimited.


Cloud services provide the ability for your employees to work off-site. Actually it allows them to work from anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet connection.

On top of everything you no longer need to provide specific hardware with customized software, as with Office 365 subscription all tools are available on any device.

Other things that might be beneficial for a business of any scale are Office 365 reconfiguration with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business app. The application available through Microsoft’s cloud solution is by far superior to its competitors on the market when it comes to providing services to enterprise-type companies.

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