Conversion optimization by built-in CMS tools: what you need to know about Sitefinity

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Usually CMS and digital tools are partly separated from each other both chronologically and technologically. As a rule, a website acquires its own ecosystem of services for traffic analytics and product metrics, SEO, conversion optimization, split testing as well as advertising campaign management only at the stage of launch, initial setup, and content placement. The teams responsible for marketing, product and performance analytics select tools for their own tasks separately from the CMS implementation process.

Custom software development: balancing between convenience, style, new trends and reasonable price

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Since the 90s, when the IT industry was growing by leaps and bounds, Polina Trofimova has been the project manager for custom software development at Digital Design. She managed to work both as part of one of the country’s largest clients and with one of the leading software developers in Russia. Back at the time almost all corporate automation was client-designed, but today companies tend to use productized software and custom software development is moving towards absolute client-oriented approach. Over the past 25 years Polina has successfully worked together with Finnish, Swedish and British clients and in this interview, she will tell us about the changes that have happened in the market during this period.

Polina Trofimova, Digital Design Project Manager: “You can’t get personal achievements without team victories!”

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For over 27 years in IT industry, Polina Trofimova was engaged in coding for Clipper, studied an unknown at that time program Excel, developed procedures in SQL and built multi-dimensional cubes on MDX, lead the directions of BI, ERP, software outsourcing, promoted high-load storage systems. Today, she starts her working day with a 10-kilometer jogging and she is in charge for promoting the Sitefinity CMS platform. In this interview, Polina decided to share her secrets of effective project management and ways to keep growing personally.

How Digital Workplace Can Solidify Relations with Customers, Partners and Suppliers

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Intranet portals that used to be popular a decade ago, have grown into solutions for communication with a certain category of users. A company with a wide range of business processes can have special software solutions to communicate with different segments of customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, distributors, employees, etc. In this article we will speak about how implementing a digital workplace can enhance your relations with them and you’re your business.

Why We Use Sitefinity

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Digital Design launches new projects on Sitefinity by Progress. Our developers adore this tool, so we decided to share what is so special about it. Well, if Sitefinity has been becoming such a popular platform for Enterprise development, why not to learn more about it.