SharePoint Migration Common Issues

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This will not be the first time when we bring up this point, but: migrating SharePoint to Office 365 on a corporate level is no easy task. We’ve already covered the topic of successful SharePoint migration providing you with a 5 steps roadmap on how to plan and execute the entire process. We strongly recommend reading through the article in case this particular subject is somewhat new to you.

Migration to Office 365: Check List

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Most of the internet operates on Exchange Servers. This system has proven itself as a reliable and multifunctional solution for small and large businesses alike. However, with the rise of cloud computing, the balance slowly but steadily started to shift. More and more organizations recognize the benefits of Office 365 and this newest Microsoft solution is one of the fastest selling products in the company’s history.

5 Steps Checklist for Successful SharePoint Migration

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You have probably heard of Microsoft’s cloud platform called Office 365. It’s an elegant solution for businesses to eliminate many troubles regarding the IT infrastructure like maintaining Exchange services or upgrading software licenses constantly. Now all of these is Microsoft’s job. But if you have decided to move onto Office 365, you will probably need to migrate your SharePoint environment. And here you might face some difficulties, as it is a long and tedious process that requires professional guidance.