MS Teams: From Corporate Messenger to Digital Workplace

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Over the past few months, Microsoft Teams has helped many companies to switch to remote work. Such functions as video conferencing, chats and team collaboration are essential while working remotely. At Digital Design, we try to test the most interesting solutions ourselves, so some of our teammates have been using MS Teams for more than a year. Today, Teams is a platform where over 400 employees exchange thousands of messages and hold hundreds of meetings every month. But we want to showcase a broader view on platform’s capabilities and ways for every employee to use it for different purposes.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless .NET: Why We Adhered to .NET and How It Paid Off

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10 years ago, when I was starting to work with .NET Framework 3.5 (language version 3.0), its functionality was extremely limited for me because I began with SharePoint 2010. After studying a wider range of technologies and having an eye on .NET development, I witnessed its growth from a doubtful Java competitor to a cool cross-platform able to start daemons for Linux (though it was supposed to work with Windows OS only). Of course, when I faced this technology for the first time, it seemed like everything was enough: I always found a way to solve a task. However, now that I have been working on different platforms and versions, I am sure that life was more painful at that time.

SharePoint Site Personalization

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Let’s be honest, SharePoint gained its popularity because of its extreme functionality and business capabilities. And it has never been known as a user-friendly environment. In fact, most criticism it receives comes from end-users who constantly struggle with it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In reality, SharePoint allows a great deal of customization that people are just unaware of.

SharePoint Migration Common Issues

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This will not be the first time when we bring up this point, but: migrating SharePoint to Office 365 on a corporate level is no easy task. We’ve already covered the topic of successful SharePoint migration providing you with a 5 steps roadmap on how to plan and execute the entire process. We strongly recommend reading through the article in case this particular subject is somewhat new to you.

Making Healthcare More Efficient with Office 365

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Developing a technology solution for the healthcare industry is no easy task due to the high expectations in terms of security and functionality. And although different countries have different government regulations when it comes to privacy policies and medical identities, the underlying issues stay the same. Doctor-patient confidentiality must be maintained, while at the same time productivity of medical institutions must benefit from new technologies.

Office 365 Admin: Overview of Capabilities

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Office 365 is a cloud-based service from Microsoft aimed at replacing old on-premise solutions with SaaS (software as a service) policy. The newest platform turned out to be one of the fastest-selling products for the company as the new solution is applicable to small and medium sized businesses and large companies alike. Among the key features of Office 365, a few are especially worth mentioning, like scalability, flexibility and administration simplicity. Today we will focus on the last one to see how you can utilize the Office 365 Admin application.

SharePoint as a Document Management System (DMS)

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Any organization needs a document management system. As the company grows, so does the amount of information within it. The only problem is that the number of documents grows exponentially and very soon you can find yourself overflown by reports, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and other. At this point, your business needs a good system to keep order and to maintain all the libraries. There is a good chance that your organization already utilizes SharePoint as it is a great business management solution with rich functionality. If that is the case, then you might also use SharePoint as a document control system.