MS Teams: From Corporate Messenger to Digital Workplace

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Over the past few months, Microsoft Teams has helped many companies to switch to remote work. Such functions as video conferencing, chats and team collaboration are essential while working remotely. At Digital Design, we try to test the most interesting solutions ourselves, so some of our teammates have been using MS Teams for more than a year. Today, Teams is a platform where over 400 employees exchange thousands of messages and hold hundreds of meetings every month. But we want to showcase a broader view on platform’s capabilities and ways for every employee to use it for different purposes.

Cloud-based Tools for Work: How to Switch to Remote Working Quickly

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The head office of Digital Design is located in St. Petersburg, and we are also present in other cities. For example, our employees in Vladimir are permanently working on a remote basis without having a physical office. At the same time, we implement projects from Germany to Kamchatka, so we are really experienced in working with customers and employees remotely. Vladimir, head of the R&D Department, and chief ideologist of Digital Workplace implementation, will share his thoughts on the most relevant and popular cloud-based tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SharePoint Online

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With many companies resorting to cloud computing and moving their server-based SharePoint products to SharePoint Online, it is crucial to understand that Office 365 is not a universal remedy fit for all businesses. If you are planning Office 365 migration, learn about the pros and cons of the online version of SharePoint and ask yourself whether this solution is right for your company.