Yammer as an Office 365 App

Back in 2012 Microsoft acquired Yammer for a tidy sum – $1.2 bln. It gave rise to many discussions about what changes the acquisition would bring along. By now we’ve got enough experience using the tool to answer these questions.

Office 365 – Government and Education plans

Today many organizations are switching from server-based applications to cloud computing. Why? Well, because it provides companies with multiple advantages, notably mobility and ease of maintenance. And though governmental and academic institutions seem to belong to the conservative type of organizations that stick to more traditional software, the most forward-looking of them adapt to the cloudification trend too.

A Few Tips to Speed Up SharePoint Performance

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As many companies use SharePoint as their collaborative workspace and corporate intranet, it’s vital that the app runs fast and smoothly. Otherwise, it will hamper the whole company’s efficiency. Besides, waiting to access a document to collaborate on a project or having troubles with page loads is not just a waste of employees’ time but it’s also hugely annoying. If you have similar issues with your app and are looking for some tips on how to speed up SharePoint, this article is for you.

Office 365 Plan for Your Business – Comparing Plans

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While many businesses use server-based Microsoft products to run organizational processes, only a few have discovered the benefits of cloud-based versions. One thing that argues in favour of the latter is that using Office 365 keeps software upgrades costs down. Another argument is that monthly bills for per-user licensing subscriptions are relatively predictable compared to the server-based services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SharePoint Online


With many companies resorting to cloud computing and moving their server-based SharePoint products to SharePoint Online, it is crucial to understand that Office 365 is not a universal remedy fit for all businesses. If you are planning Office 365 migration, learn about the pros and cons of the online version of SharePoint and ask yourself whether this solution is right for your company.

What’s New: SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016


It’s been almost a year since the release of SharePoint 2016, yet there are many companies that still stick to its forerunner – the 2013 version. If you are considering your options, here’s a list of differences between the two releases that will help you decide whether to upgrade your product to the 2016 edition.