OneDrive for Business as an Office 365 App

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In the modern business environment cloud-based solutions empower employees to perform more efficiently. Many companies find out how to use OneDrive for Business app to the corporate benefit, essentially speeding up and improving workflow. And although it is a relatively young app, it has proven its usefulness already. But just like any modern application, there are multiple layers to it and some useful features are uncommon and unfamiliar to most. So here are some tips regarding the use of this particular application for workflow improvement at your organization.

Office 365 or SharePoint Server packages include the OneDrive for Business application and it acts as a cloud platform for sharing, storing and syncing files. Files can be updated from any device which has the app installed on it. From 2015 the app became available to iOS and Mac users, so currently it can be accessed from every major platform on the market. This app is not the same as personal OneDrive, they share similar functions, but the focus is where they differ.

How OneDrive for Business works

OneDrive for Business is designed with corporate work in mind, thus the system employees share is oversighted by corporate administration, which in turn provides different access levels to different team members. Personal and business applications are not integrated but users can transfer and copy data from one environment to the other.

Now when you know the basics, let’s discuss the features of the application.

Working offline

All cloud environments allow users to operate from multiple devices off-site but most still require Internet connection. Although it is 21st century and Internet access is not a major problem, sometimes it is. Unlike most competition, the OneDrive for Business app can be used offline. The application allows you to work on some files without Internet connection. Up to 20,000 files could be synced and then accessed offline.

Insight into organization

Office Delve, which is a new Microsoft product, can be integrated with OneDrive for Business. And with the use of Office Graph technology the application can map various correlations between employees and content. Ultimately, that gives your business both a social network and management tool. Each so-called “card” on Delve is a bunch of documents and it now can be commented or tagged. Cards can be edited and they are dynamic, providing new ways for office interactions and further improving the workflow.

Easy to manage

For admins it is very important to have quick access to all data and manage it in a timely fashion. OneDrive for Business allows admins to see the amount of storage space available on the Storage Metrics page, which also provides some in-depth information regarding all the data. The storage can be freed up immediately by emptying the recycle bin. Easy access and management make sure that workflow is not interrupted by sudden shortage of available space.

Embedded Files

OneDrive for Business has a feature that allows users to embed virtually any Office document and generate HTML code that can be easily used to embed this file to a webpage.


Many cloud-based services give users access to data stored from anywhere, but how about accessing your other PC? OneDrive for Business allows accessing data on your other computers. This function works even on files that are not in the app’s libraries, but the feature called “fetch Files” must be enabled first.

Integration with SharePoint

Another feature for admins is how OneDrive for Business app works in integration with SharePoint. It allows for link configuration which is extremely useful as now it is possible to set up links in SP to send directly to the OneDrive accounts. Transaction between the two environments becomes easy and natural.

Mobile access

With recent updates OneDrive for Business is downloadable for all major mobile platforms. Although the mobile app lacks power in comparison with PC versions, it provides for effective distance work and work on-the-go. Mobile OneDrive for Business has PIN security system that can be set up, so that corporate information can be safe even if a user loses the device.

These are not all the features of the OneDrive for Business app, but these tips can enhance the workflow in your company significantly.

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