Office 365 – Government and Education plans

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Today many organizations are switching from server-based applications to cloud computing. Why? Well, because it provides companies with multiple advantages, notably mobility and ease of maintenance. And though governmental and academic institutions seem to belong to the conservative type of organizations that stick to more traditional software, the most forward-looking of them adapt to the cloudification trend too.

Microsoft has obviously taken notice of it and acknowledged the unique nature of such companies. While elaborating subscription plans for Office 365, the world-renowned software provider took care to address the needs of these two types of organizations and introduced several plans designed specifically for their employees. Take a look at these licensing options.

Office 365 plans for government

Office 365 Government plans are aimed at a wide array of governmental agencies that are legally authorized to purchase software according to state pricing. The list of packages comprises two Exchange Online plans, as well as the Enterprise plans E1, E3 and E4. All of the packages are available for as many employees as your organization has, providing each of them with 50GB of email box storage space. And that’s it with the common features.

A few words on the Exchange Online plans for government

Exchange Online 1 and Exchange Online 2 allow for a very limited number of features. You might ask what about the usual online versions of Office apps. Well, the Exchange Online plans will only allow to view attachments with these applications. The difference between Plan 1 and Plan 2 is that the latter allows for more advanced security tools.

Office 365 Enterprise E1

Office 365 Enterprise E3

Office 365 Enterprise E4

This plan users are offered online versions of Office apps, a TB of storage space,

and tools for advanced team collaboration – online meetings, an intranet and a social network.

The set includes all Enterprise E1 features with the addition of desktop and mobile Office apps available for installation on up to 5 computers and mobile devices accordingly. Besides, the plan offers:

  • Business Intelligence solutions;

  • Enterprise software management tools;

  • Voicemail.

The package has all of the Enterprise E3 features plus a call management system and integration with Skype for Business.

So, which package should your governmental organization go with? If your employees need just a few apps to work on, there is no need for you to overpay – go with the Exchange plans. And if you require more features to run your business processes and manage workflow, consider one of the Government editions of the Enterprise packages.

Office 365 subscription plans for education

Currently, there are two Office 365 Education plans – Education and Education E5, and the first of them is absolutely free. Both packages allow for unrestricted number of users providing each of them with 1TB of storage space and a 50GB email box.

Office 365 Education

Office 365 Education E5

Free for students and faculty

$6.00 monthly per student user

$8.00 monthly per faculty user

The set includes online versions of Office apps, an intranet and a social network for advanced team collaboration, as well as an opportunity to hold online meetings and web conferences. This plan subscribers also have access to educational storytelling tools and a video portal.

The package offers all the features the first option offers to its subscribers, plus:

  • Desktop Office apps for up to 5 computers;

  • Mobile versions of Office apps available for installment on up to 5 gadgets;

  • PSTN conferencing;

  • Call management tools;

  • Business Intelligence solutions.

As far as here you have only two options to choose from, the decision is brought down to whether your educational institution requires some extra software features. Do your professors, teachers and students need additional applications? Will the benefit justify the costs? If your answer is yes, opt for the Office 365 Education E5 subscription plan.

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