Areopad Board Management Software: How to Develop Mobile Solutions During a Pandemic

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Areopad board management software is a complex solution for holding meetings: setting agenda, voting, taking minutes, tasks execution and control. It supports remote online and offline work, chats, preset routes of documents approval and tasks management, can be integrated with Office Online, video conference systems.

Current COVID-19 crisis has shown the importance of solutions for remote work. It has also set new standards in terms of security, reliability and flexibility. Accordingly, the Mobile Software Development Department has updated Areopad BMS to meet these new requirements.

Areopad Board Management Software

New Functionality

After companies have shifted to remote communication, it gave an enormous impulse to enterprise applications. We have integrated Areopad with Skype for Business because boards cannot be managed remotely without a videoconferencing tool. Now the link to a meeting is displayed on screen and a user can switch to the meeting with one click. This version or Areopad even supports using Skype for Business in Split View mode on iOS.

For this update, we’ve paid special attention to UI/UX design to make communication even more user-friendly. The new Materials tab was added for every board and now secretaries have easy access to the library of documents. They can also comment materials and generate reports on completed meetings’ statistics and voting results. While preparing for a meeting, all users (including board members and secretaries) can track document versions and organize meeting agenda points by types. For each type, users can set their own rules of decision making according to voting results. Now executive secretaries can sign documents and record votes on behalf of meeting participants using the delegating feature.

The new version allows supports erasing data from mobile devices remotely.

The ChelPipe Group employees use Areopad for over 1 year. Alexey Palamarchuk, Senior Legal Adviser, has shared his experience of using the system during a pandemic:

“The advantages of Areopad BMS became clear while working remotely during the pandemic. We decided to make communication between management, executive secretaries and board members easier by accessing meetings and voting from anywhere globally. So, all the meetings were held by means of Areopad during the year. During the first month of pandemic we have not only saved the frequency of meetings, but also received a tool to solve problems in these extraordinary circumstances. The board held 12 meetings and agreed on 40 agenda points.”

Areopad Board Management Software

AI Feature Set

New modules based on AI and machine learning technologies were added to the system. AI logic can be applied to analyze discussions more effectively (e.g. for drafting a full meeting transcript automatically, generating reports and meeting digests). These technologies help to get more accurate results of a meeting and quickly recall the main points. These features are unique among this type of solutions today.

Here are some of AI-based features for board management:

  • Speech to text service;
  • Processing collected information from the meeting;
  • Highlighting main ideas and agenda points;
  • Creating a brief summary;
  • Using processed information to create reports according to a template.

Digital Design is planning to make full use of the potential of speech recognition and analysis technologies for routine tasks automation. They can also be used for creating new tools for boards and similar business processes.

Areopad BMS was initially developed to ensure secure and user-friendly meetings of boards, councils, committees and government bodies. Now many companies decide to connect other departments to the system to use advanced features and hold more meetings.