7 Facts about SharePoint

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Many of the world’s organizations rely on off-the-shelf software to run their business processes. The choice is pretty wide, however some have gained the lead and become indispensable for many of us. Microsoft’s SharePoint is definitely one the apps that make the top of the list. Check out these interesting facts about SharePoint!

1. SharePoint statistics are impressive.

First of all, let’s give some figures on SharePoint. Did you know that:

  • 2 out of 3 enterprise employees work with SharePoint;

  • 50% of Fortune 500 companies have SharePoint;

  • Over 100 mln people worldwide use SharePoint;

  • SharePoint makes $2 billion for Microsoft.

The figures are huge! This shows the enormity of the software user base.

2. SharePoint Search requires a lot of work.

As any other search engine, it has to be set up. Someone’s doing the job for Google, don’t you agree that the same should be done to your SharePoint Search? Update Managed Properties, add Results Sources and Types regularly. This will enable you to find relevant answers with the Search without having to comb through the numerous files and folders by yourself.

3. SharePoint developers should be SharePoint users themselves.

Now this is important. Your developers should know their way around SharePoint, otherwise it will cost you a fortune. SharePoint allows creating some of the add-ons with the help of built-in features like Display Templates and others. If your SharePoint developers aren’t aware of this, they will spend extra time elaborating custom features.

4. OneDrive for Business is different from OneDrive.

OneDrive is a great Microsoft tool, as it provides you with an opportunity to save documents in the cloud and edit and share them. OneDrive for Business allows for additional features for corporate users, for example, advanced versioning, content approval and others. Basically, it is a My Site with a Library, available to an individual corporate user.

5. Cloudification is a major SharePoint trend.

A lot of organizations opt for cloud computing and migrate from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online. Migration to Office 365 has its advantages and disadvantages (ссылка на статью Advantages and Disadvantages of SharePoint Online), but those who set about the process carefully are rarely disappointed with the decision. Besides, if you’ve updated your SharePoint to the 2016 version (ссылка на статью What’s New: SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016), you might have already noticed that it allows for more interoperability with cloud environment and hybrid deployment possibilities.

6. SharePoint mobility is different from what you think it is.

Today many of us use mobile devices to surf the Internet and access web applications. This also applies to enterprise apps, which makes software companies pay special attention to mobility. SharePoint also operates on mobile devices in case you enable mobile views, but it’s a different experience from what we consider a responsive user interface. Still, some of the SharePoint apps are awesome to work with on mobile gadgets.

7. SharePoint is not easy.

Out of all Microsoft SharePoint facts, this one is pretty obvious, though not many of us pay due attention to it.There are lots of Microsoft’s yes-men dwelling on about how unchallenging working with SharePoint is. But let’s face it: this software addresses too wide an array of corporate tasks to be that easy.

However, if you handle the adoption of this technology properly and take time to educate your staff on using it, then SharePoint is definitely worth all the efforts! Rely on Digital Design to optimize your SharePoint product or carry out Office 365 migration!