5 Ways to Use SharePoint in Your Business

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If you are thinking of utilizing a cloud-based solution in your organization, then you might find our article on Sharepoint features interesting.

What is SharePoint?

A cloud-based service like SharePoint is a perfect tool for workflow improvement. Most people have probably heard of it but they do not have a clue what SharePoint is and what it is used for. The answer to the first part of the question is that SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform. However, it’s the answer to the second part that presents a real interest. And even then the main questions are the following: what is SharePoint good for and how can your organization benefit from it? Let’s find the answer!

Task and Project Management

Firstly, SharePoint can be used to create individual and team projects or tasks, which can be integrated with already existing tools. This feature allows keeping track of the progress for individual projects as well as monitoring activities and contributions from each team member. Each subtask and project can be modified along the way and all information about changes is stored. What it does essentially is providing history of the project that can be used later for business analysis and adjustments.
SharePoint also allows you to organize corporate meetings, sending necessary invitations and store all data associated with the event. With the internal social network or intranet you will be able to spread the word effortlessly.

Business Intelligence

This point is extremely useful. Utilization of SharePoint as a centralized business platform can truly boost the performance of an organization. Properly executed integration with Microsoft products such as Office, Excel on part with SQL server connectivity can turn SP into a hub for rapid and efficient analysis for your business. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • With PerformancePoint you are able to create dashboards or key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to perform data visualization and data filtering in the form of detailed reports.
  • You can unlock additional Excel capabilities by using the Power Pivot support. This provides you with the ability to compile data from a number of sources and structure it in the form of charts and tables. Each table and chart can be shared among team members through the web part of BI center.

Communication and transparency

SharePoint can be used to empower workflow among the team. It provides means for effective communication and collaboration.
SP allows creating on-site blogs and discussion boards for sharing ideas. The employees also will be able to track progress of each other, which adds accountability and transparency.
What SharePoint does is allowing each employee to constantly be able to comment on documents and data while being unavailable for live conversation.
With the use of the intranet you can facilitate communication across the entire organization. All relevant information, staff members and all projects can be organized in a manner that suits your business goals better. Data can be accessed from different devices: tablets, PCs, Macs and smartphones.

Customer service

With the growing amount of customer enquires you will require some sort of a helpdesk. SharePoint can easily implement a cost-effective and efficient helpdesk solution. It will not require any additional coding or complex integration. All tickets in the helpdesk can be filtered according to your preference: age or priority.


SharePoint utilizes complex and reliable security algorithms to protect any data stored. All permissions can be assigned for each member of your staff, granting access management for each folder. Cloud server is completely secured with high level encryption and safeguards in place to ensure data protection and save your business assets from being compromised.
Of course, these are not the only uses of SharePoint for workflow improvement. If you are interested in SharePoint optimization for your business or you have any further questions, contact our team of specialists and get a free quote. Digital Design is a proud partner of Microsoft and our staff has in-depth knowledge of SharePoint installation and utilization.