Mobile Security Solutions

In today’s mobile world a vast amount of business data are been transferred via public networks, stored in smartphones, tablets and notebooks. This exposes sensitive business information to the risk of theft, loss or destruction.

What We Offer

Digital Design provides its own software solution that forms a layer between mobile device hardware and open and secured mobile applications. It ensures that user-related data never leaves corporate secure environment at any time unencrypted (using RSA, SHA-1, AES security protocols). This innovative secure mobile platform for iOS provides a perfect opportunity for top-managers and other business users to work in corporate IT environment securely and efficiently via their personal iPads and iPhones.

Our Advantages

  • A unique innovative secure iOS platform that has already proved itself in many different enterprise mobility projects.
  • PC Magazine RE award in Mobile Security.
  • Extensive experience in integrating specific cryptographic components and back-office infrastructure to build secure mobile communications solutions geared to customers’ needs.
  • Comprehensive experience in secure mobile solutions development.
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  • LDAP/Active Directory
  • SMTP/IMAP/ActiveSync
  • S/MIME (RSA, SHA-1, AES)
  • CAdES, PKCS#7
  • PKCS#11
  • X.509 RSA
  • Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft Office
  • MOSS (Sharepoint)
  • WebDAV
  • FTP
  • Citrix-Ready