Enterprise Content Management Systems

Gartner predicts that the amount of data stored at companies will grow by 800 percent by 2018. 80 percent of this growth will account for unstructured data, i.e. documents or content. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) incorporates technologies that enable digital capture, management, handling, storage, archiving and provisioning of business-relevant documents and content. ECM solutions enable greater efficiency and responsiveness, vital in a competitive environment characterized by strict governance and compliance requirements.

What We Offer

Digital Design offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that includes:

  • Product- and vendor-neutral consulting services,
  • Implementation services,
  • Project management services,
  • Provisioning, maintenance and support of industry-specific solutions.

We act as a systems integrator for world-renowned ECM solutions from the leading vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, and others. In addition, at Digital Design Group, we develop our own ECM software suite Docsvision, a powerful Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management software for commercial organizations and governmental institutions, which has been keeping leading positions on CIS market for the last five years.

Our Advantages

  • We create and support complex ECM environments covering the entire document lifecycle: from capture & analysis up to delivery & publication.
  • We provide product- and vendor-neutral expertise during the initial planning stage of the project.
  • We have a full team available to implement the selected solution and serve you with end-to-end seamless project operation, maintenance and support.
  • We have managed hundreds of ECM projects of all sizes across a wide range of industries.


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Development of the SharePoint-based solutions to facilitate document sharing, contract management, invoicing, preboarding and travel requests handling.

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