Board Management System (BMS) “Areopad”

Among all the business-processes affected by digital transformation, the way how top managers communicate and hold meetings is the least affected. Today almost everything could be done on a smartphone or a tablet but the restrictions set up on C-Suite and board meetings hinder enterprises from integrating digital solutions.

BMS Areopad is a tool that both automates corporate events’ management and meets the requirements set for top level meetings. On the one hand, Areopad is a digital communication tool, which allows managers, and corporate secretaries to distribute, discuss and vote on agenda as well as make decisions and track orders. On the other hand, Areopad meets all the requirements for corporate software for C-Suite such as information security including end-to-end cryptography, digital signature, modern and efficient interface easy to learn and use.

For meeting participants

Areopad application for C-Suite, board of directors and committees enhances collaboration between managers and directors. It facilitates decision making on mobile phones and tablets or via web-app.

Areopad is a digital workplace for a member of collegiate bodies. It helps managers in several ways:

  • To annotate documents and manage notes;
  • To receive and respond to RSVPs;
  • To manage calendar;
  • To receive announcements and news from the boards;
  • To vote on agenda’s questions;
  • To sign board meetings minutes and protocols.

Areopad allows managers to access materials and participate on meetings from any place both inside and outside the office.

For corporate secretaries

Areopad is an indispensable tool for corporate secretaries willing to automate routine processes that allows them:

  • To set up a meeting and book time and meeting rooms;
  • To send RSVPs and set up questions to be discussed on a meeting;
  • To form and distribute materials before the meeting;
  • To receive and manage a feedback from meeting participants;
  • To form and distribute minutes;
  • To manage the preparation of the protocol of meeting and distribute it among participants;
  • To collect and count on the voices on the questions of the meeting agenda.

Areopad automates the processes of both face-to-face and remote meetings. It clears the schedule for corporate secretaries to concentrate on the tasks that are more important.


  • Fast installation. Areopad can be installed in your company in less than a month including server deployment and integration with other information systems.
  • Secure remote access to documents and meeting’s agenda with end-to-end encryption.
  • Paperless corporate decision-making process.
  • Integration with other corporate information systems via API: Active Directory, mailing client, ECM and document management systems, video conferencing.
  • Application for iOS and Android.
  • Different languages support.
  • Modern UI and UX.



  • Manage meetings and calendars: form and distribute agenda, set up questions to be discussed, send and receive RSVPs, book time and meeting rooms.
  • Receive and annotate materials on mobile and tablet apps or via web-app.
  • Vote and collect votes, form minutes and protocols.
  • Track results of previous meetings: voting results, pre- and post-meeting documents.
  • Chat and discus materials with meeting participants.
  • Form templates for different meetings and boards.
  • Sign documentation.

After integration with document management system or ECM:

  • Approve preliminary documentation on pre-configured routes.
  • Approve minutes of the meetings and protocols.
  • Tasks tracking.

How it works

How it works

System architecture

System architecture

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