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Microsoft SharePoint Online rapidly becomes the standard for organizations seeking a centralized information repository and collaborative workspace. Many organizations are moving their SharePoint-based applications to the cloud to reduce IT costs and improve performance. Migration to Microsoft Office 365 can be long, complex and expensive process, and it must be carefully planned and executed.

Migrate SharePoint to Office 365

We Will Help You With SharePoint Migration

Digital Design will help you go through all the steps required for an effective and optimal SharePoint Office 365 migration smoothly. Our experienced team can perform the readiness check, migrate your content to Office 365 and ensure its coexistence with on-premises IT systems. As an additional benefit, we can help you to leverage your Office 365 subscription plan and minimize your TCO.

We can help you to:

  • Properly prepare your SharePoint data, applications and infrastructure for the transition to the cloud
  • Migrate applications without interrupting end users
  • Re-engineer to align application with SharePoint Online functionality
  • Migrate files and documents including those that are not structured properly changing folder structure
  • Maintain business productivity with cloud and on-premises coexistence
  • Migrate legacy applications moving existing full trust code to the SharePoint App model in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online
  • Improve user interface, aligning look and feel of customized application pages with SharePoint Online UX design guidelines
  • Integrate with corporate on-premises IT resources like Active Directory, Search, ERP, SaaS applications, etc.

Our Proven Approach

For an effective and optimal SharePoint migration, a few steps should be completed before, during, and after the migration. Our professional services team can foresee all the confusions that might come up during migration process and know how to prevent and deal with them.
Here is our proven 5-step approach to SharePoint to Office 365 content and portal migration.

Week 1-2
Week 3-6
Week 7-8

Perform pre-migration assessment of SharePoint environments

  • Elaborate content migration strategy and select target IT platforms;
  • Select appropriate migration tools or write migration utilities/scripts;
  • Archive users’ data before migration to streamline the process;
  • Consolidate or restructure your Active Directory environment before migrating to properly prepare for Office 365.

Carry on migration to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

  • Migrate content, files and public folders to Office 365;
  • Automate and schedule migration tasks to simplify and streamline the content transition process;
  • Migrate legacy applications aligning their functionality and UI with the SharePoint Online and UX design guidelines.

Ensure interoperability among your distributed on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments

  • Integrate hybrid SharePoint environment with other Office 365 services, Active Directory, Search, CRM, Duet Enterprise Online etc.;
  • Synchronize source and target SharePoint environments in order to secure end user productivity during the migration period.

Ensure accessibility and security of SharePoint Online environment

  • Establish unified authentication and authorization strategy that delivers single sign-on mechanism to Office 365 along with all other browser-based applications (on-premises, remote, self-hosted, or SaaS);
  • Grant access to Office 365 and pay for licenses only when users actually require that access;
  • Keep special data and information systems on premises or within geopolitical boundaries to satisfy compliance regulations or legal policies using two-way topology.

Stay in control of your SharePoint environment

  • Gain insight into your collaboration environment with reports on your SharePoint users, their activity, activated services, password expiration dates, consumed licenses and inactive accounts;
  • Solve your content archiving needs with powerful search capabilities;
  • Simplify backup and recovery of data.


With our experienced Office 365 migration team you will:

  • Assess the current environment and plan the migration project properly.
  • Simplify migration through the automation of most difficult steps minimizing duration of migration process.
  • Minimize infrastructure downtime and impact on end-user productivity.
  • Ensure coexistence among legacy systems, other applications and Office 365.
  • Archive content to accelerate migration and reduce licensing fees.
  • Extend existing security tools, policies, technologies, and practices to Office 365.
  • Increase your SharePoint applications’ efficiency by improving user experience and usability of user interfaces.
  • Enhance functionality of your SharePoint applications using latest Office 365 features such as microblogging, newsfeeds, callouts, etc.

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