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Office 365 is evolving and expanding rapidly, moving towards Microsoft's vision of the one-stop online productivity hub. SharePoint becomes the standard for organizations seeking for a centralized portal, collaborative workspace and knowledge repository solution. It is well suited for meeting the diverse needs of today’s global organizations: managing information, sharing documents, collaborating and tracking project workflows. SharePoint deployments has become a key part of business continuity plans.

According to latest researches, many organizations are suffering from performance problems caused by explosive growth of the databases that store the content managed by SharePoint. Some organizations are planning to resolve these issues by moving their deployments to the Office 365 cloud to reduce the IT costs and improve performance. You can streamline migration resolving performance issues first.

Help your business to deliver self-sufficient service delivery and achieve efficiency with Digital Design. Our SharePoint Optimization service helps to improve performance, increase effectiveness and enhance communication, reducing dependency on IT and lower operating costs.

Digital Design can help you to deliver more SharePoint-based business services and leverage your investments creating a consumer-grade, Internet-based user experience covering almost any deployment scenario. We will help you to leverage your Office 365 subscription plan and minimize your TCO.

We Will Help You

  • Monitor the complete SharePoint Server environment, network and database space usage, status and health of SharePoint services and Web applications
  • SQL Server fine tuning: check the features and components installed, amount of memory, fill factor per index, backup compression, Max Degree of Parallelism, Statistics
  • Setup Data prioritization for the DBs used by SharePoint
  • SharePoint fine tuning: crawl servers, content databases, site collections, application pools, web applications quotas
  • Fine-tuning Load Balancer and Resource-intensive Service Applications: Excel Services, Search Service, Usage and Health Data, User Profile Service
  • Perform the usability audit to determine pitfalls and confusing scenarios.
  • Understand the configuration of SharePoint Server environment
  • Prepare the list of performance issues detected on your SharePoint environment
  • Understand possible root causes of your performance issues
  • Eliminate performance issues caused by SharePoint databases and indexes
  • Achieve the SharePoint high availability in the web tier by deploying multiple front end servers to serve web pages and host web parts
  • Load balance the Front-end Web Servers to provide performance and resilience for users connecting to the SharePoint farm
  • Harmonize the work of resource-intensive Service Applications according to their contribution to the performance

Microsoft SharePoint Optimization

Microsoft SharePoint Optimization

SharePoint Optimization Steps

Week 1-2
Week 3-6
Week 7-8

Prepare — Perform an assessments of customer’s SharePoint environments

  • Analyze the configuration of SharePoint Server environment
  • Define the target performance that customers want to achieve
  • Select tools for measuring the SharePoint infrastructure performance
  • Measure performance and analyze existing incidents, create the list of issues and prioritize them
  • Analyze issues and define their root causes and recurrences
  • Propose the target reconfiguration

Optimize — Change the SharePoint configuration

  • SharePoint Farm optimization
  • Load Balancer optimization
  • SharePoint resource-intensive service applications optimization
  • SharePoint Search and Crawl Services optimization
  • Content optimization and archiving
  • SQL Server databases and indexes optimization
  • Optimize functionality of your SharePoint applications, aligning it with SharePoint Online UX design guidelines
  • Write test scripts for performance and load testing

Test — Ensure that optimized SharePoint environment is working properly

  • Monitor the optimized SharePoint Server environment, network and databases
  • Analyze the status and health of SharePoint services and Web applications
  • Performance and load testing using the test scripts
  • Prepare the report that outlines performance gained after optimizations

Manage — Stay in control of your SharePoint

  • Gain insight into your collaboration environment with reports on your SharePoint users, their activity, activated services, password expiration dates, consumed licenses and inactive accounts
  • Save time by automating user and group management and provisioning across your hybrid environment
  • Solve your content archiving needs with powerful search capabilities
  • Simplify the backup and recovery of data
  • Central monitoring and reporting on performance, storage usage and licenses
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