5 Steps Checklist for Successful SharePoint Migration

You have probably heard of Microsoft’s cloud platform called Office 365. It’s an elegant solution for businesses to eliminate many troubles regarding the IT infrastructure like maintaining Exchange services or upgrading software licenses constantly. Now all of these is Microsoft’s job. But if you have decided to move onto Office 365, you will probably need to migrate your SharePoint environment. And here you might face some difficulties, as it is a long and tedious process that requires professional guidance.

Why Large Enterprises are Migrating to Office 365

Though cloud-based environments are not fully embraced by large enterprises, there is no denying that in the past few years the use of cloud solutions like Office 365 had a significant rise on the market. Still, most enterprises have their own server facilities. And most businesses of such scale either have already built data centers or they are planning on doing so, because unlike small businesses enterprises can afford it. But is this really the best decision? In order to answer this question let’s draw the comparison between server and cloud-based environments.

Learning SharePoint: the Basics

If your organization relies on SharePoint to run its business processes, you most surely have already noticed that working with SharePoint is challenging and requires some learning and preparation. We’re taking up the task to help you with learning SharePoint step by step. Let’s start with the basics!

7 Facts about SharePoint

Many of the world’s organizations rely on off-the-shelf software to run their business processes. The choice is pretty wide, however some have gained the lead and become indispensable for many of us. Microsoft’s SharePoint is definitely one the apps that make the top of the list. Check out these interesting facts about SharePoint!

Yammer as an Office 365 App

Back in 2012 Microsoft acquired Yammer for a tidy sum – $1.2 bln. It gave rise to many discussions about what changes the acquisition would bring along. By now we’ve got enough experience using the tool to answer these questions.

Office 365 – Government and Education plans

Today many organizations are switching from server-based applications to cloud computing. Why? Well, because it provides companies with multiple advantages, notably mobility and ease of maintenance. And though governmental and academic institutions seem to belong to the conservative type of organizations that stick to more traditional software, the most forward-looking of them adapt to the cloudification trend too.